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The WindowFarm is a simple drip hydroponic system that can be used to grow herbs and vegetables. The system uses an aquarium air pump and hoses bought at a pet supply store. The air pump is used to lift a little bubble of water up a lift tube to the top of the system where it drips down through each of the growing plants The plants grow in pots full of clay pebbles and the pots themselves sit within inverted water bottles. Video #1 (this video) shows the WindowFarm in operation growing Basil and a description of how the system works. Be sure to check out Video #2 that shows the WindowFarm with no plants growing and has close-ups of the parts that are usually submerged in water. There is more information and pictures of this system on my website. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSingapore LimSan : A Simple & Easy Window Vertical Farm – Part 1 SETUPWindow Farm Installation Tutorial | DIY HydroponicHydroponic vertical gardening & window farm review.How To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 1 of 2)How to build a Hydroponic Raining Vertical grow tower Part 2How To Build A Hydroponic System Part 1 of 2

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  • Lit' AHSr. 7 months ago

    wouldn't it be better for a water pump instead ?

  • Peg Dimarco 7 months ago

    I made all my eco works with inplix handbooks

  • Curtis White 7 months ago

    What kind of pump did you use?

  • Poirier Thusecomang 7 months ago

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover aquaponics course try OFFERANDO AQUAPONICS
    ?Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  • Desmond Hombergen 7 months ago

    I am having an issue with creating this system, my air blows out of the bottom instead of bringing the water up. What can be the problem? Wich size tubing do you use?

  • david jenkins 7 months ago
  • Gerwin Legaspi 7 months ago

    No fish in the bottom reservoir? Fish would thrive and love being there… not to mention fish waste is extremely awesome for the microbes and earthworm in the soil which in turn feed and fertilize the plants. Than again your not using soil… what is that ball stuff?

  • Karen Mills 7 months ago

    I also live in NS, where did you get your air pump?

  • Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming 7 months ago

    I Love your video!! Check out my organic aquaponics channel please you'll love it

    Please like and subscribe!!

  • Duncan Booth 7 months ago

    hi guy.  i'm just curious because your window farm looks to be doing well.  I have just built one, the v3 from the windowfarms site.  Do you find that just a drip is enough to keep the roots moist as the plants grow?  I don't know if I'm using too much or too little water.  Are you on a timer?   Cheers!

  • Steven McEvoy 7 months ago

    Great videos.  I wonder if you experiment with how far up the hose you place the needle if you'd get better flow, also, constricting the bottom of the hose that's in the water a little bit may help with flow.  I can't wait to try this! thanks.

  • DemonVTEC 7 months ago

    Do you have algae issues with the clear reservoirs?

  • zeptepe 7 months ago

    Thanks, will have a look. Always been interested in that.

  • Eva K. Schumann 7 months ago

    Thank you for your video.
    I have just created my very own aquaponics system. That it was simple, easy and it appears and functions similar to the system which cost thousands more, by simply following this guide
    Have a look at the following web site for more info:

  • MMODoubter 7 months ago

    "Well done", from a fellow Bluenoser.

  • zeptepe 7 months ago

    Hi, On my website I have a page devoted to my windowfarm which shows the fertilizer i used. I can't put the link in this comment but it's in the description for the video. cheers

  • YamaR6 2000 7 months ago

    Hi there: what type of fertilizer do you use?

  • 1WildBoar1 7 months ago

    Hey no problem, I'm just looking around for a easy way to get started. I know nothing about gardening, I've just been checking out videos on Google and Youtube and so far the one I posted in the comment above seems the cheapest and easiest. How many seeds are in each bottle and do you think it'd be possible to use smaller bottles like a 500ml water bottle or would that be way too small for the roots?

  • zeptepe 7 months ago

    Oh that is very, very cool. I like the design a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  • 1WildBoar1 7 months ago

    Yes there is! Go here and take a look or you can watch his videos on youtube just type in "hanging bottle garden"