Added by on 2016-09-28 A step-by-step account of me building my very first NFT Hydroponics system made from standard household parts. Parts List Squareline Rain Gutter (4 meters £7.65 Wickes) 6x end caps £1.65 ea (£9.90 Wickes) 3x gutter running outlet £4.30ea (£12.90 Wickes) 1 x small pond pump (11w) – approx £10 – £15 2 meters pond pump tubing £2 several lengths of timber for framework (Approx £10 worth) Large plastic container (resovior) £5.99 Buyology Gutter leaf guard (4m) £7.99 Max total cost (UK) £65 Related PostsHome Made Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain system. DIY HydroponicsVery small Hydroponic system, Home made, for $10Hydroponic system (home made ebb and flood) week 1How to Setup a home made DWC Hydroponic System To grow Giant TomatoHome made Deep water hydroponic system for $35 EasyHome made Hydroponic Grow System (Rough work)

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  • tanya bishop 1 year ago

    Yes, I can see mosquitoes and algie coming up. All you need to do is get the whole PVC Pipe, and cut holes in it. This will keep out both mosquitoes and algie.

  • Kavita Jaggan 1 year ago

    Hi, I am  now seeing this video on hydroponics. I love gardening and selling my products to earn an income. Since, in my Country of Trinidad and Tobago, inviduals like me who find diificulty getting jobs viewing this video provided me with new and inventive ways  to do my gardening better. so, my plan is to construct a set that is similar to yours and update you on my progress. Thanks a million for showing how easy this can be done. 

  • Tia Jones 1 year ago

    Great video, roughly how much did this cost you to make?

  • Edgar Smittenheighnjenkson 1 year ago


  • Trong Dung 1 year ago

    The issue with hydroponics is you must shop for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are pricey.

  • Jay Yew, M.D. 1 year ago

    Nice build video. I think you need a separate air pump and airstone. As for the cover, you might want to try some foam/styrofoam insulation. They come in sheets with one side is shiny metallic cover. It has the advantage that it actually floats, but is also completely impenetrable to light.

  • marshall reagan 1 year ago

    I think you will need some net-cups to put the rockwool in or the water may float the rockwool cubes down the chute toward the downspout. check out mhpgardening  on u tube.

  • Leonard K. Pullins 1 year ago

    Hydroponics is a great system but it have some drawback, you need to purchase some "plant food", nutrients and supplements that may be high-priced. Before making any hydroponics system, you must look at the advantage of aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.

  • mercedescamper308 1 year ago

    polystyrene insulation cut and drilled for grow pots.

    sea weed makes good fertilizer 

  • Marlin Stevens 1 year ago

    Possibly use 4 or 5 inch PVC fence post instead of gutter. Downspouts will still work if you want, but I use PVC piping. The square tube will allow you to drill out 3 or 4 inch holes for net pots. Use "Red Solo Cups" with holes in the bottom for your net pots. I use a nutrient solution of "Peter's Plant food 20-20-20". It is cheap and works great. I do love the idea of a tiered structure. Good luck with this.

  • soloplacebo 1 year ago

    ive seen pot growers with better hydro set ups

  • Justin Wright 1 year ago

    So my 10th grade pre-ap chemistry teacher made us research and design hydroponic machines. He then took all of the research and designs to make himself his own hydroponics machine. So funny xD

  • Jason Gaddie 1 year ago

    Couldn't you just use PVC, drill/cut cup holes, paint everything black with spray paint and solve all of your issues?

  • Jason Gaddie 1 year ago

    Couldn't you just use PVC, drill cup hole

  • Chris Wright 1 year ago

    This Guy Thinks He's Cool For Typing A Capital Letter At The Beginning Of Every Word. He Thinks It Makes Him Look Smart. Also, He Is An Idiot For Posting Shit Like This In The First Place.

  • M LEET 1 year ago

    I don't know about your pump specifics, but as the theory goes, you should be able to connect multiple pumps in series to pump water higher. You would have to check your pump's suction pressure rating and make sure it's less than the discharge pressure (units of "head" or "feet") And of course add the values of all preceeding pumps, if you go with more than two, when making these analysis.

  • Mike Klegin 1 year ago

    black trashbags, or black garden felt.

  • Caly P. Tratus 1 year ago

    I prefer air-lift pumps over conventional pumps. Look into window-farms for a good DIY version you can build for cheap. Main wins is energy efficiency and better aeration.

  • Caly P. Tratus 1 year ago

    Perhaps you would be interested in looking into compost-tea as a nutrient system instead of artificial chemicals… 

  • Leonard Wright 1 year ago

    Its funny when he thanks Paul and says he's been instrumental! Paul's username and instrumental. hehe no pun intended?