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Ed Warburton from shows you how to build a Greenwall. Footage from The Party Garden care of Vokyo Media. Featuring Cahrlie Albone from Inspired Exteriors and the tv show Selling Houses Australia. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreenwall ProductionsSkALE Edible GreenwallThe Garden Gurus – Greenwall & Pixel Pot – New Benchtop GreenwallHOW TO BUILD A VERTICAL GARDENElmich GreenWallA HALO CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE GREENWALL!?


Vertical Gardens



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  • pjtrow 1 year ago

    what??? naaaw! thats expensive like hell!

  • RAMESH B 1 year ago

    ramesh rayr

  • Anoushka Kristy 1 year ago

    This is not an "Australian" idea, as vertical gardening has been big in the Uk and in the US for quite a while. Most of the companies that sell vertical gardening systems are American or British.
    One criticism: I think the patio still looks pretty dull. Could have done more with colours, fountains, flowers.

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    Very expensive solution, but I'm sure if it catches on over time the prices would come down. The cost of this cannot be very much, even including plants, materials and labor.

    Is this an "active" system, meaning do you pump water and nutrients into it constantly because otherwise over time it seems like it would get very heavy if you had regular soil and lots of water saturated in it. All in all a very clever idea – good thinking Aussies!

  • haha I was like, "north-facing plants need to be sun-tolerant…?" OH RIGHT–Australia!

  • Mordecai 1 year ago

    That is hugely expensive

  • dick117 1 year ago

    Nice, looks like it could be done with some pallets stacked on their side also. I just wouldn't want to waste all that plastic.

  • christian fausto 1 year ago

    por favor vendam isso no Brasil!!!