To build an artisanal greenhouse, you must first choose the sunniest side of the garden, arranging the short sides to the north and south. The supporting structure can be made up of various materials, wood or metal supports, or a combination of the two. The cover must be made with a glass or pvc panels with a thickness of 3 to 6 mm, provide for the relative side openings. For heating, a hot air or radiator generator must be installed, which is more complicated because it involves the installation of a series of pipes inside the greenhouse. By building a greenhouse with a wall to wall, you save the cost of a glass window, moreover the heating system and the water intake for watering the plants can derive from the general system of the house.

greenhouse in the garden

greenhouse for the vegetable garden For the construction of a greenhouse for the vegetable garden, set up two or three wooden pallets, between the pallets provide a space for passage. Fill the pallet with good organic soil combined with a small amount of sand. On the bottom of the pallet spread the expanded clay for at least 2.3 cm to facilitate drainage and then pour the soil, always keeping it moist. The greenhouse cover can be made of glass or plastic, it must be transparent and at least two ventilation openings must be provided. The plants are placed in the soil on the pallet. It is then necessary to attach a stake to a wire stretched high in the greenhouse to allow the growth of vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers. The greenhouse for the vegetable garden must have a heating mechanism, generally at a temperature of 16-18 degrees. Image Source:

wooden greenhouseWood is a natural material and therefore particularly suitable as a supporting structure for a greenhouse to be placed in the garden. Choose a variety of wood that is breathable and resistant to winter weather. To build a wooden greenhouse, choose to make a tent structure with wooden slats, light and resistant. Secure the wooden posts with a metal fitting and locking screws. The roof of the greenhouse must be bright and capable of absorbing the greatest amount of solar energy for proper plant growth, use a glass frame. Arranged wooden pallets for cultivation inside. For watering, the water must be at room temperature, an underground water tank must be built in the floor, a hot water pipe can be provided to keep the water temperature constant. Image source:

greenhouse for vegetables and plantsHaving a greenhouse for growing vegetables can give great satisfaction, here are some guidelines to follow how to build a greenhouse for vegetables. First of all, the greenhouse must be inclined, with wooden pallets for growing vegetables placed on the ground, one in the center and two on the side. Side openings must be provided to allow the passage of air. If you want to grow early vegetables, you need to install a radiator heater. The temperature can be adjusted by installing a thermostat that calibrates itself with the outside winter temperature. The vegetables must first be sown in peat pots, when various roots start to sprout from the pots, the plant moves to the pallet. It is also important to provide an anti-hail support. Image source:

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