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Back in 1990, Marshalls produced a simple but effective video on how to build a garden wall using techniques that are still used to the present day. Related PostsHow to Build a Garden WallHow To Build a Small brick Garden Wall without Cement MortarDIY Vertical Garden: How to Build A Rolling Stand For Your 2-Tower Farm WallHow to build rock garden wallHow to build a DIY vertical wall gardenDIY Vertical Wall Garden | How To Build A Vertical Garden With Tips

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  • ben allsopp 6 months ago

    i bet you it will stand up longer than the new builds now (2013) XD

  • Chris6418 6 months ago

    The sock that is wrapped around the pipe also deters sediment buildup in the pipe. However, with the installation of the pipe, remember to include drainage aggregate (I typically use #57 stone) from the footer to the top of the wall at least 12" back from the back of your retaining wall stone. Remember, water travels to the path of least resistance. Be sure to shoot the elevation of your footer as well as your pipe to ensure proper drainage is achieved.

  • Chris6418 6 months ago

    If I am thinking of the same sort of "guttering" that you are, yes, it shall work. Depending on the size (height) of your wall, the diameter of drain pipe placed behind the wall will vary. Most commonly used from small walls up to around 15-20' in height, I recommend a minimal diameter of 4". You can use a PVC pipe that holes holes drilled throughout the pipe to release and absorb surge water. I more commonly use a corregated sock pipe instead due to its flexibility and ease to install.

  • Matt Collins 6 months ago

    @Chris6418 Cheers. Surge Pipe : Can this be a lenght of guttering with holes in?

  • Chris6418 6 months ago

    @mattcol99 Such as a weep hole? Still will not be adequate enough without proper drainage aggregate and a surge pipe behind the wall (and of course an aggreagate footer). If not, you WILL see the effects of surge and settling as it will show through sagging, bulging, etc. in your walls.

  • Matt Collins 6 months ago

    Drainage = leaving occasionaly unmortared gaps between bricks?

  • Chris6418 6 months ago

    failed wall. poor drainage (actually none) involved in the footer. not sure if it was a freestanding or a small garden wall, however if it had been backfilled with soil this wall will fail without proper drainage. Always remember people, especially with moratared walls, drainage is KEY. otherwise all your hard work will be short lived until cracking or even tumbling occurs to your beutiful wall.

    on a side note, that is a good looking stone used in this vid

  • Kurt Smith 6 months ago

    what jointer is that?