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Visit our amazon store for all your hydroponic needs!: Hey everyone! I realized i did a bunch of videos of our hydroponic grow builds, but never mentioned how we go about whipping all these things together – so that’s what today’s video is for – showing you all how we put together our DWC ( Deep water culture) hydroponic tubs – It’s incredibly simple, and super time efficient ! for a few dollars and a very little amount of your time, you can get started growing hydroponically for years to come ! What you’ll need : – Rubbermaid roughneck tote in 10, 14 gallons ( or larger if wanted) – this is my personal preference, if you wish for a cheaper alternative – that’s fine, but be prepared for the cheaper plastics to fail, that’s my two cents -drill – -hole saw – 3 inch for this project, any size you want really - -1/4 inch drill bit , typical size of air line -1/4 air line ( can get at pet store) – air stones (also at pet store) – Air pump ( not shown, but also basic ones available at pet store) – water – id recommend distilled if you have to buy, no guessing on PH or PPM, collected rain water is preforable assuming you’re already collecting rain water like we are. – net pots , (3 inch for this project, any size you want) growing medium and whatever plants you already started! and that’s it, it’s really THAT simple! Be on the lookout for an update on our BB5 grow box – i will also be doing a gold and silver un-boxing soon too, so if you’re into the shiny stuff, and un-boxings, you won’t want to miss […]

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