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To bring hydroponic farming to the home Hoocho creates a compact flood and drain, ebb and flow hydroponic system that anyone can use in whatever space they have available. I was not paid or given any incentives for this video. Ebay Affiliate Link for Pipes: Hoochos explores the worlds of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture, Homesteading, Fermentation, Technology Vanlife and DIY Builds to look at the world through a larger lens that can incorporate the best of everything into a rich and rewarding lifestyle. Through self sufficiency we can reduce consumption and increase our hyperlocal household production. Merch: A way to support the channel and get some cool stuff too. There are two stores because dependant on where you live in the world one will be cheaper than the other (shipping) and it gives a range of design flexibility. Redbubble: Teespring: Patreon: Reddit Community: Facebook: Instagram: Related PostsHow to Build a Modular Flood and Drain Grow Bucket Hydroponic SystemHow to build a hydroponic flood and drain system – A New Custom DIY BuildHydroponics How To: How to Build a Flood and Drain Hydroponic SystemHydroponics DIY: Build A Flood And Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponic SystemTsunami Flood & Drain – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsTsunami Flood & Drain – Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

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  • Lyndon1015 1 month ago

    You're like the Macguyver of hydroponics!

  • Mac Smith 1 month ago

    I would love a follow video! How's it working? What are you growing? Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • Blkrose 1 month ago

    I'm wanting to do a small scale on like this, but with a bell siphon. just not sure it's small system compatible though.

  • Zamora 1 month ago

    ….. isn't this simply a glorified automated sprinkler?

  • Asif Alam 1 month ago

    Nicely done. Its very pleasant to have some one who is from Australia. Which part of Au are you in?

  • Flat Out 1 month ago

    What you think about 7gal smart pots(fabric) filled with supersoil in a ebb system?

  • CHRIS WALPORT 1 month ago

    What size is the pump?

  • Rob Cross 1 month ago

    Well Done Mitch

  • D Chang 1 month ago

    What type of pump would you recommend?

  • Rommel Rivera 1 month ago

    you are the best.. detailed explanation..

  • John Godwin 1 month ago

    What plants can be used in this system

  • John Godwin 1 month ago

    How often do you need to change the nutrients.

  • Michelle 1 month ago

    Really well explained, thanks for the level of detail!!

  • IQ Workshop 1 month ago

    What are the considerations between ebb and flow vs a bell siphon? Why choose one over another?

  • ABUFARAH 1 month ago

    can i germinate a seed using that? cause i don't have a soil.

  • robert walker 1 month ago

    What I want is how to get the clay balls/growing media without taking out a home loan.

  • Dénes Szabó 1 month ago

    Should people living in the northern hamisphere (not australian gravity condition) turn the pump upside down?