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Regardless of what you call it, Dutch bucket, Beto bucket, re-circulating water culture, self watering container or as I call it, a poor man’s Dutch bucket; building one is cheap and easy. A re-circulating container can be used and re-used indoors or outdoors and set to a timer to where you never have to water again. It’s cheap, easy, effective and portable. Just plug it in, set the container under light/sun and wait for plant production. Done. Enjoy. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“Build a Hydroponic Herb Garden for Cheap!” by Epic GardeningHow To Build Cheap Homemade Indoor Hydroponic Systems PlansDIY Plans How To Build Cheap Homemade Indoor Hydroponic SystemsHow to build a garden trellis CHEAP!!!Cheap DIY Windowsill Hydroponics Drip Watering SystemBuild a cheap and easy wooden planter box

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  • AJ Help 8 months ago

    Way too complicated for one bucket

  • Danniel Amyx 8 months ago

    Your "assistant" reminds me of my niece. nice video and very informative.

  • tia williams 8 months ago

    u say $25 but u got free nutrients….and thats the REAL cost.

  • Saintly2 8 months ago

    Could you add the link to your return to the beans progress report video?

  • Soe M Paing 8 months ago

    I keep fish as a hobby and I used " Tom aqualifter pump" for dosing kalkwasser. You will probably save a lot of trouble buy buying that pump. It's also really cheap like 14-17 $. And airline tubing probaly will cost you 1-2$. The flow rate is pretty low but it can pump water really high, probably more than 10 feet. There are also a lot more expensive version like aquarium dosing pump which is not for continous run but has timer function and good for dispensing small amount of fertilizers with accurate dosage.

  • KateInTheCity 8 months ago

    Oh yes. I can definitely see the requirement for pink duct tape 🙂 Great job John!

  • Ross Goddard 8 months ago

    awesome…thanks for the tutorial

  • Jeff Sullivan 8 months ago

    I have been to 2 small hydroponic stores that gave me a lot of stuff too. They go to trade shows and vendors give them samples and since most of their are marijuana growers they don't have  veggie market o they give that stuff to guys like us. I was wondering why you didn't just put the drain tube straight through the bottom of the pot and set it right on top of the bucket and eliminate the stool and bowl?

  • Dritman 8 months ago

    Dude! Those samples you got are actually a wicked little combination, and not only for marijuana. I was actually skeptical about these additive products so ran a simple test with a few heads of lettuce to see if I could get any extra yield, and dude, the ones that I treated with the RapidStart and Floralicious were 30% bigger than the ones that only received the base nutes – not only were the heads visibly bigger but I weighed them on the food scale, gotta say that is a totally solid result! All plants were grown side by side under the same lights, watered at the same time, using the same coco mix, etc. I could hardly believe my eyes, I never really expected this stuff to actually work. Even though that's just my personal experience with a single run, I'd say that they're at least worth trying out on whatever you're growing.

    I will caution using the Floralicious in any kind of water culture though, your mileage may vary of course and some people use it without issue, but there seems to be a lot of food for microorganisms in that product, and I tend to have slimy reservoir problems when I add that stuff. If you do ever decide to try it in water culture I would definitely recommend adding to a trial bucket without any plants and let that sit for a few days just to see what happens, and problems seem to come on faster where there is an air stone in the mix. In my experience, the other products you received won't cause the same issue.

    Another excellent episode! You do some fine work. Thanks for sharing.

  • PharmSilver 8 months ago

    Any concern with the amount of water the soil is getting ? Looks like a nice set up for a longer grow type say cucumber etc. thx for the video !

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent 8 months ago

    Zip ties do great for closing ends. That pump should be able to water up to 10 buckets if you need it brother. My 396gph did 50 or so. Not sure exactly; never counted, but a lot. Good to see you dabbling in other hydro brother.


  • Falang Jared 8 months ago

    I have found that over time many things attached to the 1/4" lines (tees, emitters, etc) tend to get clogged.
    any experience with this issue?

  • Ken Robb 8 months ago

    Good job John – put a little cooking oil on those emitters and they slide in the hole much easier.

  • Cody Taber 8 months ago

    In case anyone is not sure, this really is inexpensive. Can be even less expensive depending of weather or not you're willing to order items online and wait three or four days.
    If the channel owner see this and agrees I will post or give to him a company that I found that has a lot of this stuff at a considerable discount.

  • Cody Taber 8 months ago