To build your brick barbecue you will need concrete blocks, tile and masonry adhesive, high temperature resistant refractory bricks, red powder paint, flatting, chisel, hammer and metal door. Before you can start building you need to find the most favorable position and level the garden at that point using earth and concrete, thus providing the barbecue with a structure that will serve as a support. After these preliminary actions it is necessary to build a closed concrete box with the help of the glue and using three blocks for each of the respective four facades. Once everything has dried, using the hammer and chisel, a window must be made on the front side for the insertion of a metal door that will be used for the insertion of the charcoal. At this point, using a metal grid, the upper part is closed, and refractory bricks will be placed on it, which will have the dual task of blocking the grid and forming a frame. Once the operations are finished, the barbecue is painted according to one’s tastes and the work done.

Masonry barbecue under construction

DIY masonry barbecue almost completed. When you have a large garden, the brick barbecue is the most suitable to build. Its resistance to high temperatures allows you to prepare the best meat and fish dishes. Certainly the prices that you see in the shops are exaggerated to say the least, and therefore with a minimum of manual skills if you want to save money you can build yourself a brick barbecue that even prefabricated ones can envy. Certainly this type of barbecue is the most aesthetically beautiful and very well matched to a rustic and ancient taste, thus allowing not only to organize fantastic grills, but also to give an extra touch of class to your garden on an aesthetic level. There are therefore several advantages that lead to the choice of the construction of this type of barbecue and ultimately it can be combined with a wood oven, thus creating an unbeatable combination.

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Particular type of iron barbecue. On how to build a iron barbecue there are several guidelines to follow. First you need to get an oxyacetylene welding tool, clamps and a steel sheet. Cut the latter with the oxyacetylene welding apparatus forming several panels to be used to form a closed box with a rectangular shape. The different sections must be held together by the clamps and subsequently welded. It is therefore necessary to create a frame and form four corners by welding them inside the frame to affix the feet. Subsequently, a lid is created to fit the box made previously and then the drum is divided in half. Once the lid is sealed it must be cut in half and then joined with the upper portion of the cooking chamber to lock it. The grill is still missing and is inserted inside the cooking chamber making sure it is stable. To allow the smoke to flow out, it is necessary to create two notches and weld them to the barbecue to form a damper that guarantees the correct air flow.

Arabian style barbecue.The costs of building a DIY barbecue are very cheap compared to the stratospheric costs of prefabricated barbecues. Generally for those built in masonry the total price is around three hundred and fifty euros, considering that fifty euros are for the mortar and concrete and another fifty for the grid and the perforated plate. The most expensive pieces are solid and refractory bricks which alone carry a cost of one hundred and fifty euros, while only twenty euros are used to buy terracotta tiles and another twenty for the large tiles. As for the iron barbecue the prices are even lower, the materials to be used are few and more than anything else it is all based on a single sheet of metal to be cut and welded, the prices therefore are around one hundred and fifty euros.

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