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24hr Timer with 15sec intervals:
Submersible Pump:
5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid. Food Grade (w/Lids – 6pk):
2 inch Net Cups + Cloning Collar Inserts Combo 25 Pack for DIY Cloners:

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Whether you’re wanting to start a soil-free garden, looking to save the environment or simply just want to have the ability to grow any fruit or vegetable in any season, you’re probably looking into #Aeroponics.

Self-sustaining farming is an incredibly important way to ensure survival in an emergency situation such as a pandemic, war, or disaster, to ensure your family has enough to eat. With the right techniques, it can even feed communities, reducing reliance on government substidized farms and factories. It’s also a great way to bring farming techniques to otherwise barren parts of the world, such as deserts, rainforests, and arctic climates. It can reduce deforestation by reducing demand on local farmers to produce crops and clear large swaths of forests.

What exactly is an Aeroponic garden?


An Aeroponic garden is a revolutionary system that allows plants to grow in the air, without any soil while being suspended inside of an enclosed environment. Spraying their roots with nutrient-rich water solution allows them to grow strong and healthy. Typically, pressure pumps are used to gently mist your plants roots with the water solution.

How to Build a Simple Aeroponics System
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How to make an aeroponics system


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How to build 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics. THE EASIEST AEROPONICS SYSTEM TO BUILD. Step by Step Video

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