We are building 4 stackable hydroponic strawberry towers For the greenhouse. I have shown and built a couple systems so far but this is a mix of the best clips on how to assemble your own stackable hydroponic tower. We used Mr Stackys stackable containers for this system and the pumps we showed. We also used clay pebbles for the first and perlite for the second. Rinse before you use perlite or clay pebbles they are full of dust that can clog the irrigation. We also show how we airate and plant the bare root straberries. Be sure to subscribe for the video on mixing nutrients coming soon
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How To Assemble Your Own DIY Stackable Hydroponic Tower Using Mr Stackys Containers – Full Build

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    tips: Perlite is my "go to" fill medium..but perlite can flow through the drain holes and eventually back down and into your return reservoir and potentially damage your pump. 1) Put some netting around your pump. 2) And on the bottom tier, place some plastic canvas (10pt) over the drain holes to allow flow to flow through and minimize the perlite from flow through. These stacky towers are the bomb! I've converted/built many for people – they love them and many have set up their 2nd and 3rd units!

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    It is a new drip irrigation technology that the floating drip irrigation device has two characteristics: (1) Auto-remove impurities of water,so to solve the long-term blocking problem of the drip irrigation (2)Lower power, the operating pressure is 0.02~2 Kg/cm2, is very suitable for gravity drip irrigation. as detailed in YouTube :

    https://youtu.be/P495Nk62QMQ (The floating drip irrigation device introduce)

    https://youtu.be/hHen1IEzDT8 (The floating drip irrigation system operation)