Aeroponic Tower (Aerotower)

Aerotower-32 is Usefull for kitchen garden / Rooftop Garden.
1. You Can grow 32 Plant per Tower.
2. Space Requirement 2.5 Ft x 2.5 Ft.
3. Height: 6.5 Feet
4. 100% water ( Nutrient recycle) ,
5. 70 Lit Nutrient tank,
6. You can grow almost all plants
7. No Dirt
8. 90% Less water.
9. 70% to 90% Less Space.
10. 100% Success.


Located at Central Luzon State University (CLSU), Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija Philippines
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How to Assemble Aerotower-32 ( Installation of Vertical Aeroponic System )

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  • pavitra shukla

    Do you guys help set-up small scale farms ? I have about 500sq feet of open space at my terrace and would like to have a small farm with best configuration to cater to the needs of small family in a manner that we wouldn't have to buy veggies from outside ever

  • Durga Patnaik

    There are 4 pockets in each drum- let me know what is the diameter of the arrow tower- Also scientifically enlight me about the sufficiency of space within aero tower for 4 now of plant .

  • Hydroponics At Home

    I was really interested in your Aerotower. I am a beginner in hydroponics. I just recently purchased my first hydroponic starter kit. Which cost me around 2600+. Your system is one of the cheapest aeroponic systems I encountered in my search. There's another, and the cheapest I found, from Aakar Packart. But I was really impressed by your design and bulk. The greatest USP about your product is the PRICING! I want to purchase one asap!!
    And also do you guys sell other range of hydroponic products because I didn't find many options on hydrostore. Please do because people really want cheaper sytems, either for home or for commercial purpose.

    Please come up with more videos. And other sytems asap.

  • Fran Veiga

    Olá que linda sua plantação de morangos, eu adoro essa fruta e planto aqui tbm s9 que é tudo em vasos, ja me inscrevi aqui e deixei like e te convido à vin ver a colheita de morangos do ultimo vdo postado no meu canal bjss

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