You can build your Tower Garden in as little as 15-30 minutes. It’s all very quick and easy if you follow the instructions but there are a few small things to make sure you get right. Once it’s built, enjoy the fun of growing your own fresh fruits and veggies at home.

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➤ True Garden is a next-gen vertical farm in Mesa, AZ. We use 90% less space and consume 95% less water and grow 30% more crops 3x faster with the power of vertical farming. Growing indoors or outdoors, all year long, with the power of Tower Gardens. The future of farming has arrived.

How To Assemble a Tower Garden | True Garden

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  • Dani Rami

    Hi , Nice video, you said watering 3 mn on and 12 mn off ? How about Timing of Light with Led ? when it's indoor ? Thanks

  • Wasabi Farmer

    Thank you. More video insights lease. Thoroughly enjoy these Tower Gardens even though it would be prohibitive here in Japan. Would really appreciate an objective video on any possible downside to the towers that can be compensated for or improved on.

  • Up Word Counselling

    The hardest part of the assembly is not shown in this video! The gasket that is supposed to go around the pump cord and through the slot in the bottom of the barrel is too small for the cord and is too big for the slot. I have been trying for a couple of hours, very frustrated with this whole ordeal. Also, not shown in this video is how to hook up the float, the person just drop it into the barrel without saying anything about it.

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