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It isn’t hard as long as you are careful, take your time, do it right…and be safe 😉 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Apply Roofing to a steep roofThe Best Roofing shoes to walk on steep roofs , gotta know this secret …watch this!Steep roof installation , how to do it.Steep roof installation , how to do it.Steep Green RoofHOW TO APPLY ECO FRIENDLY RUBBERTOPÂź ROOF COATING


Green Roofs


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  • David Fridley 1 month ago

    I think we roof different in ga

  • botifigus 1 month ago

    ……….the jacks that hold thew wood planks…… are they fastened to the roof and don't they leave holes in the roof? I'm missing something here.

  • Anthony Lombardo 1 month ago

    Just an FYI you shouldn’t lay shingles on a wet roof specially if it’s raining

  • Tony Tymes 1 month ago

    Ok… But how would you feel about that set up on a 12/12

  • Crimson Tide 1 month ago

    That shit ain’t steep but okay

  • ERROL DILLON 1 month ago

    What pitch is this roof?

  • ERROL DILLON 1 month ago

    What is the name brand of the ladder and the ladder jacks. I need this set up to do my roof. This is really great. I need the details on buying a set up like this. Safety comes first with me and I'm not worried about the money. I worried about my life. Great video!

  • 1weird Doe 1 month ago

    Why not metal? Can we screw the ladder to the roof with some pipe clamps instead of the feet on the scaffold?

  • Torero Ole 1 month ago

    How many week's he took to do the roof

  • breathe and squeeze 1 month ago

    green day.

  • theham staa 1 month ago


  • questionur world 1 month ago

    Thats awesome sure beats hangin from ropes like i do…but im a one man wrecking crew

  • D Hoversten 1 month ago

    dont care about the roof using scaffolding like that is a good idea

  • Orlando Andrade 1 month ago

    valen verga

  • Richard Griffith 1 month ago

    the first rows need to be cut properly so that the top of the shingle butts up to the bottom edge of the original shingles. what will happen here is as your new layer settles the shadow of the bottom edge of every row on the first roof will show through every row of the new one. however having said that these are fiberglass laminates being placed over three tab shingles so they likely have a different depth. the good thing is that laminates tend to hide irregularities in the roof. also you can put three layers on a house and still keep your manufacturers warranty. the real issue is the cost of dumping only goes up and when tear off is finally needed the expense is much greater.

  • led zep 1 month ago

    Humm… you don't remove the old shingles?

  • Satiesh Isaac 1 month ago

    Jesus is Lord…….indeed