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How To Air Layering | Benefits Of Air Layering (Urdu/Hindi) ——————————————————————————— subscribe our channel for daily updates: ——————————————————————————— How to grow money plant ——————————————————————————— how to grow plant from cuttings ——————————————————————————— how to grow rose plant ——————————————————————————— how to grow spinach ——————————————————————————— growing salad leaves ——————————————————————————— how to grow flowers from seeds ——————————————————————————— health care from herbs ——————————————————————————— fertilizer playlist links ——————————————————————————— How To Air Layering | Benefits Of Air Layering (Urdu/Hindi) how to care your plants ——————————————————————————— how to grow fig tree and benefits of figs ——————————————————————————— how to grow mint from seeds ——————————————————————————— bonsai tree ——————————————————————————— how to grow ginger at home ——————————————————————————— how to grow plants at home ——————————————————————————— growing coriander(dania) ——————————————————————————— birds and fish ——————————————————————————— how to grow green chili plant from seeds ——————————————————————————— how to grow tomatoes plants from seeds ——————————————————————————— how to grow Strawberry Plant ——————————————————————————— this channel is about kitchen gardening visit our blog about kitchen gardening join us on facebook page about kitchen gardening website: How To Air Layering | Benefits Of Air Layering (Urdu/Hindi) Video Rating: / 5 Take a tour of the Podoll’s family garden and discover the benefits of a deep mulch, no-till organic, garden system. The Podolls demonstrate how they go about mulching their gardens using baled hay. Visit: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsKitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening April-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Announcements | Need Suggestion | Vegetable Garden (Urdu/hindi)Croton Plant | Indoor Plant Maintenance | How to Care for Plants | Gardening Ideas (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening August-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening June-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening September-2016 (Urdu/hindi)

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  • KADIR ANSARI 1 year ago

    sir Kay Anjeer k seed se poudha uga sakte he. hamare Aas paas Anjeer Tree nahi he. Please jankari de.

  • MAHESH BHAGAT 1 year ago

    Sir Ashok Ko hum graft kar sakte hai ki yadi ho to please muje WhatsApp par bataye my WhatsApp no. 9461086501

  • Big Boss 1 year ago

    kia m potting mix use kr skta hun ya phir sirf ballu mitti?

  • Sudha jain 1 year ago

    mere pas ८.sal purana anar ka tree hai uski me uski air layering kar sakti hoo kya root harmons use kar sakte hai ease tell me

  • International Trailers 1 year ago

    Dear ,
    I have 12 years old Lichi tree , but it is not giving fruits. How can i get it.?
    I planted other lichi tree this year after eating lichi by its seed. do i need to do grafting, as you told in starting of video, lemon bonsai video? tree is in chandigarh .

  • Habib Mayo 1 year ago

    I appreciate this educational video in Urdu/Hindi. The instructions and the contents are good but the duration is too long as Irrelevant contents are high. If the topic is to the point it will look more useful……Habib from Canada

  • abdul kareem 1 year ago

    السلام علیکم میرا سوال کون کون سے پودے کی گروتھ کر سکتے ھیں

  • ASLAM J 1 year ago

    Assalam.walikum janab aapka whtsapp no sijiye mai aap ko.tree k img bheta hu aap guide kijiyekya usse bonsai ho jaye gi mera whtsapp no hai _919881901930.

  • ASLAM J 1 year ago

    Assalam.walikum janab aapka whtsapp no sijiye mai aap ko.tree k img bheta hu aap guide kijiyekya usse bonsai ho jaye gi mera whtsapp no hai _919881901930

  • ASLAM J 1 year ago

    Assalam.walikum janab aapka whtsapp no sijiye mai aap ko.tree k img bheta hu aap guide kijiyekya usse bonsai ho jaye gi mera whtsapp no hai _919881901930

  • Auman Butt Butt 1 year ago

    compost kaha sa milti ha

  • wajid alvi 1 year ago

    sir lemon ke plant ko daily pani ka spray kr sakte hain paton pr es se plant ko koi nuksan to ni hoga thanks

  • wajid alvi 1 year ago

    lemon ke plant ke Air Layering kr sakte hain thanks

  • Android-App-Nisar 1 year ago


  • ismail mushtaq 1 year ago

    hii dear plz can i get urcontect number ?
    03318400428 is mine number

  • Hiramani Sanjel 1 year ago

    Thank you sir . give me knowledge

  • KRISHAN SINGH Sran 1 year ago

    Sir please tell us about how to grow lotus tuber

  • Vikas Kumawat 1 year ago

    Hai bro.i really appricate you.amazing techonolodgy and also i try this tech.for jamun tree

  • Waseem Ansari 1 year ago

    izhar bhai grape vine ke baare me video kb aayegi….??

  • Khalid Malik 1 year ago

    ASA. I watch your video, although they are quite boring cause you take too long to explain simple things. Just stay focused on the issue. I live in USA n want to grow karailas. They are sold in stores but how can I get the seeds? The one sold are green in color and I thought the one sown are to be extracted from yellow gourds. Any insight?

  • EarlyMist 1 year ago

    how does this compare to back to eden style I wonder? it seems very effective. 37 years is a massive advantage either way so its probably hard to compare. 37 years of any organic based method is basically a guarantee of excellent soil. much love for any method that works and makes amazing black gold soil such as this. I achieved much smaller scale of black gold soil but it cost me…I am fascinated by the methods that cost very little, recycle goods, require very little outside input and adhere to organic and permaculture style methods. It's the way of the future
    …it is our only choice…unless we can get our households to commit to a fourth bin. by this I mean we have recycling bins, normal waste bins and green waste bins (domestic). What if we had a fourth domestic bin that was "kitchen scraps, green leaf waste from hedging etc, weeds weeded before seeding, woodchips etc". just imagine the possibility. it would take people being honest about what they put in it but the same could be said about early recycling efforts….i.e education. peace

  • 12jeeplover 1 year ago

    what about using pine needles?  over here on the east cost people use it as decoration to keep weeds and grass out.  the only hay I can get around me is wheat straw or long leaf pine needles.  I'm wanting to do this to make my life easier next year.

  • alphasxsignal 1 year ago

    Doesn't this mulch suck up the nitrogen in the soil.

  • RawMikeIce 1 year ago

    Thanks for posting a great video!

  • สุรชัย พรใจ 1 year ago


  • GrandTea Club 1 year ago

    How do you manage the snails, a lot of mulch attract a lot of snail.

  • Composting Gardens 1 year ago

    Great mulching video, Thanks for showing the detail of how you lay out the mulch, then fluf it up and work it in. I found that part very helpful.

  • macyllehub 1 year ago

    Can I ask why you use hay over straw? Hay in our area seems to be full of seeds and I can't imagine using alfalfa in our garden to reduce weeds.

  • Stuart Lightfoot 1 year ago

    Great vid! And DAMN sunburn much!?! ;)

  • SternalRoom3 1 year ago

    Would this system work in Minnesota? I am afraid it would keep the soil to cold to plant in the spring.

  • Reno Greens 1 year ago

    thx for sharing

  • Reno Greens 1 year ago

    thx for sharing

  • Lex Nuss 1 year ago

    The oldest mythology (what they say) has life and the gods created from water and mankind created from soil. Cain was a terrible farmer so he killed his brother Able ( as in ability) and went hunting. If animal bodies (usually vegetarian) are so full of nutrients, why not eat what they eat and end all this political, religious, ignorant greed violence in a garden, where mythology says we began? Huh!?

  • KC Heirlooms & Organics 1 year ago

    Subscribed :)

  • bandypeterson 1 year ago

    good stuff!

    you could hugely increase traffic back to your website if you put your link in the description above in addition to mentioning in the video

  • mom bear 1 year ago

    You should never use coastal bermuda hay to mulch with! All others are good and straw too. But that coastal will come up so thick that you will never get it out of your garden. I have been mulching like this you 30+ years and one year I got some free square bales that turned out to be coastal and I had to give up that garden and start all over in a different area because of the coastal bermuda. Dreadful stuff. I love the fall as everytime we go to town we get leaves and grass clippings and boards, fencing material and all kinds of free stuff that is out by the road on trash day. The last time a guy was moving and putting all his dog kennel fencing out. We scored big on that one. Used it for my chickens. You can shove your hand down at least a foot into my soil without much effort. I never have to weed and it always looks good.

  • flanmaryj 1 year ago

    we have been using this method in my garden for two years. I had a problem with hornets! I was stung four times in a couple of seconds. That was a very traumatic experience. We washed the nests out with dish liquid. I will mulch soon when I do my fall cleanup. I also have a keyhole garden in the center of my garden. We will use mulch for that garden and cover the fruit garden again with mulch. Thus is the first year renewal of that garden. Thanks for the video!

  • Bill Astell 1 year ago

    If I tried that the voles would breed like crazy in that stuff and eat everything in the garden.  Looks pretty though at least on the day the pictures were taken.  I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like through the rest of the year and how you deal with the garden plants and mulch at the end of the grow season.

  • Alexios The Wretched 1 year ago

    Very helpful! How much area do you mulch? How much area do you utilize to grow the hay you use to much? Thank you again!

  • Midwest Gardener 1 year ago

    I've been muclching with grass clippings for many years. This year, I plan to go to no-till. I found this information to be useful….thanks.