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I’m using a Aerogarden and some Rock wool to grow my weed seedlings .. Seeing which one is better soil or Aeroponics for indoor bud plants.. Thanks for watching!! Like ~Subscribe~Share Music: Go easy 01 Musician: InShot Related PostsDIY Aeroponics Systems Plans for the BeginnerEverything A Beginner Needs to Know About Grow LightsIndoor Gardening: Prepping the Soil – Beginner Tutorial Part 1Beginner GrowNorthstar Hydroponics Grow Kit – A Beginner Getting StartedHydroponic Gardening Simple Easy Fun DIY Garden Tower for the Beginner to the Advance

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  • Home Grown And Stoned 7 months ago


  • Daniel Casteel 7 months ago

    Should have just used neoprene instead of the wool

  • Well done for big non dexterious hands, thousand ways to skin that cat bruh, good on ya king…may i suggest making your own colloidol silver and use that on your sprouts.

  • Jeff B 7 months ago

    Also, you can drop the seed right on top of the wetted rockwool, cover it with a 1020 tray to cut out light and keep humidity 100% and you won't stress the seeds with touching them like that. No need to bury the seed, the tap will run down to the water and the head will follow gravity up

  • Jeff B 7 months ago

    The grodan 1.5" AOK cubes should fit those

  • Matthew Bolton 7 months ago

    The music totally killed the video id rather just listen to you talk

  • I'LL DECIDE 7 months ago

    nice thats dope ! keep us updated.