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Oishii Berry founder Hiroki Koga combines Japanese strawberry cultivation techniques with the technology of a first-of-its-kind indoor vertical strawberry farm in America to create the highest quality strawberry possible. The engineered berries go through a meticulous growth and monitoring process from seed to finished product. The result is a strawberry with a consistent and optimal size, flavor, and texture. To learn more go to Credits: Director/Producer: McGraw Wolfman Camera: Murilo Ferreira, McGraw Wolfman Editor: Yoshio Kohashi Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman Coordinating Producer: Stefania Orrù Audience Engagement: Daniel Geneen, Terri Ciccone ———————————————————————————————————- For more episodes of ‘Vendors,’ click here: Eater is the go-to resource for food and restaurant obsessives with hundreds of episodes and new series, featuring exclusive access to dining around the world, rich culture, immersive experiences, and authoritative experts. Binge it, watch it, crave it.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPlant paradise for this indoor vertical farmThis Minnesota Indoor Vertical Farm Grows Fresh Produce 365 Days a YearNew Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part ThreeBiggest Indoor Vertical Farm in the Middle EastNew Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part TwoNew Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part Three

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  • Cross 1 month ago

    Perfect??? It's such a pale red. I've seen better strawberries in terms of look and size.

  • Clive Nyathi 1 month ago

    I tasted my first strawberry at 19 because I was working my first job and had promised myself to taste everything I had never had before because I now had money.
    I went on a rampage,

  • Mutton Curry 1 month ago

    Hiroki is kawaii 😀

  • Night Love 1 month ago

    A la verga.

  • Scott Summers 1 month ago

    The strawberries look orange.

  • Danny 1 month ago

    Finally !!!! Japanese quality fruit in North America.

  • Brunt Brunette 1 month ago

    What type of light do they use ? Will the radiation not be harmful for humans ?

  • Amigo Delaindia 1 month ago

    This is money pumped into someone because of the nature control fetish that the modern human has. This is perfect work he got done but completely senseless. It's possible to grow perfect strawberries on soil in your backyard. He just got so much money because investors and customers love control freaks working for them so they have the feeling we can control nature. But very funny. I love his factory too though.

  • PLOO tow 1 month ago

    Obviously Oishii strawbery will not be available to Chinese buffet for $14.99 all you can eat. Another thing I found in this farm is no amigos.

  • NEON KUE 1 month ago

    Damn, watching this video hurts my eyes. So white and bright.

  • x y z 1 month ago


  • Michael Mole 1 month ago

    This is like stupid..

  • john lafrance 1 month ago

    I’m glad that if we have a fallout that we will have Japanese strawberries

  • Account Name 1 month ago

    You can't get essential fatty acids to a plant in a hydroponic or aeroponic system so his strawberries would still have a way to go in terms of flavour, their main asset.

  • Translucent 1 month ago

    That procedure that they called "plantlet", is actually called Tissue Culture. You provide all the materials the little plant needs and it then can live inside a small closed cell for a long time and can also be cloned out in the same way for duplicating the sample. 🙂 I love plants.

  • earline jackson 1 month ago

    I think I'll stick to my red strawberries!

  • Yehezkiel Tanusaputra 1 month ago

    we dont care about the brix test *whisper oh its 10.5. *laugh maniacally

  • MrSupergibs 1 month ago

    20 brix is a good sweetness, but not great.