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Learn all about healthy food and how things grow with this song for preschool and kindergarten kids! Do potatoes grow in trees or under the ground? Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable? These are questions that little Lupi doesn’t have the answers to until Mimi and Kate come to the rescue! Sing along with PlayKids as your little ones learn, with Lupi, where fruits and vegetables come from. Understanding where food comes from is an important lesson that helps develop a strong foundation for healthy eating habits. PlayKids believes that teaching food awareness at an early age will give your children the best chance at not only making healthy dietary decisions in the future but will also give them a head start when it comes to understanding the importance of sustainable living. Watch more PlayKids video playlists at SUBSCRIBE to PlayKids for new videos! ————————————————————– Please comment and share this video with your friends! ————————————————————– PlayKids features music for kids, learning videos, easy crafts for kids, brain break videos for teachers, nursery rhymes, kids songs, funny songs, STEAM and STEM crafts for kids, and more! Including: + The animated series Junior on the Job, where kids learn about different jobs in their neighborhood! + Learning songs for kids: + Crafts for kids: + Dance songs for kids: + Animal songs for kids: + Stories for kids: + ABC songs for kids: + Nursery Rhymes for kids: Visit the Official PlayKids YouTube Channel! Visit our website! Follow us on Google Plus! Like our Facebook Fan Page: To access a LOT more fun including your favorite kid shows from Disney, Pocoyo, Om Nom Stories, Lottie Dottie Chicken, Stella and Sam, Babar, The Wiggles, […]

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