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Do you know how the Kratky Method of Hydroponics Works? If not, watch this video to find out! If you already do, you will watch it, because you just can’t help yourself. Music: Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture from the YouTube Audio Library Related PostsOff-Grid Hydroponics – The Kratky Method, Raft Hydroponics Update 3weeksEasy $5 Homemade Hydroponics System DIY in 5 Minutes Kratky MethodOff the grid hydroponics: the Kratky methodHydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test | #4Hydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test |Easy Hydroponics Anybody Can Do This At Home – Kratky Method

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  • Sjarm13 1 year ago

    Do you set the rockwool in water before adding the seeds to get the ph of the rockwool down?

  • goku 1 year ago

    Fun and instructive!

  • iowa organic 1 year ago

    we grow kratky every winter using plastic shoe boxes and varied hydro nutes that we test out. Its simple easy and effective growing technique and easier to control than hydro with air. Keep the containers cool and out of the sun you can easily bake them in a greenhouse. Winter growing of Italian Large Leaf basil is how I use it. And we make tons of pesto with it and use the leaves fresh. Purple basils do really well too. Nice lookin lettuces my lettuces were taking too long and basil is more flavorful, used in a lot of my frozen foods from the garden 🙂 harder herbs dont grow well Kratky. Using RO water is important too. Hope that helps someone in the universe.

  • ottawadigs 1 year ago

    what kind of lights are you using and can you share you nutrient recipe & ratio?

  • Ja Ha 1 year ago

    WTH does he keep going on about oxygen? They need co2, Oxygen is a waste product excreted by plants.

  • carpii 1 year ago

    I bought a bunch of 2 inch net pots, but unlike the photos on Amazon, they just have slots in the sides and then a single 0.8cm hole in the base (no slots). Can you think of any reason why this would end up being a problem? Infact I'm not sure why they even have slots in the side, I've yet to see any plant grow roots through anything other than the base

  • George Constantinou 1 year ago

    best illustration ever hahah many thanks

  • Caroline Honse 1 year ago

    Love your videos and music. Jeb, you are a real treat.

  • disperlord 1 year ago

    Realy nice video thank you!

  • Dildo Shwaggins 1 year ago

    this doesn't make sense to me… so what you just let the res get low on water and the plants get O2 from the air? wouldn't they dry out? how do you keep the interior moist enough? wouldn't your res get contaminated from organisms that prefer oxygen low environments? wouldn't your plants have used up the nutes a long time ago and/or the EC gone up enough to require the res be changed? this goes against everything I've learned of DWC. It was an entertaining video but it doesn't really explain much, just "this works" in a calm voice with music in the background….

  • Allen Wu 1 year ago

    WOW,what a passionate video!!!I'm lovin it

  • bigb0x 1 year ago

    hi jeb, how many hours does it need sun/light?

  • Al Robinson 1 year ago

    plz do some research and show us wht you find as well thnks for your time. have good day sir.

  • Al Robinson 1 year ago

    i do have a question could i do the kratky method and add air once a week couple hours kinda like extra help insurance if you will . my other question is would it be advised or be helpful to add little bit hydrogen peroxide to water im just learning in fact last week ive just started to learn this method

  • Al Robinson 1 year ago

    awesome them are some incredible veggies caught my attention i shake your hand sir great job super video ive learnt alot from your video. cheers from Canada.

  • TheMrik 1 year ago

    Question… i have changed the nutrients in the reservoir, after 8 hours the roots got stained brown i dont this its root rot can be?. should i do something about??? ph 5.8 ppm 800, basil krakty method 1 gallon reservoir. I left the same gap between the roots and level of water it had before water change.

  • Kerry Allsop 1 year ago

    Thumbs video

  • Cle-Andra Rolle 1 year ago

    where did you purchase those containers ?

  • Jinna Phetkhomkrit 1 year ago

    Thanks Jeb

  • charles philippe 1 year ago

    but but how much it cost in hydro for the light ??