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  • Max Steel 5 years ago

    my question is about smog. what about petrochemicals tainting the food
    through smog? for that matter, what about acid rain.
    nobody wants to eat food tainted with that stuff. getting rid of pesticides
    and herbicides is great but moving production to cities will take more.?

  • Sabe Lefran 5 years ago

    Seriously this is incredible. I’m breathless. You know I have a similar
    idea for my own city but I thought it’s was a crazy idea, to start a
    rooftop farm, but I see now that’s completely possible. Thank you juste
    gave me motivation for change things.?

  • Barb Kueber 5 years ago

    How rooftop farming will change how we eat: Mohamed Hage at TEDxUdeM?

  • Max Steel 5 years ago

    “autonomous anonymous”?

  • MP Gaming 5 years ago

    This is very helpful, I have a research Project on future farming and these
    are some good ideas. ?

  • Emie-Claude Lamoureux 5 years ago

    *Sustainability Storytelling: The Lufa Farms*

    The Lufa Farms are three rooftop farms located in the busy and energetic
    Greater Montreal Area, Canada. These farms have developed a responsible and
    sustainable way to deliver fresh food on a daily basis. Once their
    vegetables are harvested they are brought to their clients

  • Jay Wicker 5 years ago

    Great job, best “Ted Talk” yet in my opinion. All the worlds problems can
    be solved with gardens like these.?

  • 7777Rodney 5 years ago

    I like to garden and I own a building similar to the one shown. My
    building is an apartment building with a flat roof. Occurs to me that
    instead of re-roofing, I should put the cost of doing that towards the
    expense of a rooftop greenhouse, assuming that the roof of the greenhouse
    is watertight and hail proof. Also an apartment building would have
    possible customers living right next to a fresh food source. Plus a
    possible labor pool right in the building. ?

  • Elzbieta La Salle 5 years ago

    Yeah….roof top farming is “great” if you don’t need house insurance. Tell
    THAT to your insurance agent and see how fast they’ll come up with
    un-insurable things (mostly, your entire house).
    If you want to have potted plants, that’s OK. Herbs are OK too (it’s done
    in Toronto’s condos roof tops etc, but only that and in limited numbers 🙂
    To say one can grow a garden on the roof, it’s false. It is also false to
    say that roof tops can feed people in a city! NOTICE that M.H, said that
    roof top farming fed the village. There is a huge difference between a city
    and a…village!

    It’s a GREAT idea but only for shallow rooted plants; it’s very limited
    and that should be told first off. The cost of converting roof top into a
    “garden” are astronomical!
    Unless MY idea of a garden differs from someone else’s idea?
    See what I mean?
    I don’t say that it’s a hum-bug idea, I just abhor prettying this
    particular idea and making more of it, than it really is.
    As the saying goes…B.S baffles brains.
    Thank you for sharing :-)?

  • Iquanyin Moon 5 years ago
  • Filippo Tampieri 5 years ago

    I am proud this is happening in Montreal!?

  • Michael Jendryke 5 years ago

    looks already like a big farm?

  • Vicki Olson 5 years ago

    This better than not growing anything but until we get a greenhouse system
    that opens up to real sunlight, we will not get vegetables with all of the
    nutrients and enzymes that they should have. Someone did a study, Paul
    from Back to Eden mentions it and it showed the difference between some 350
    to 50 enzymes and nutrients from sun grown tomatoes as compared to
    greenhouse grown tomatoes in artificial light.?

  • Danielle Odin 5 years ago

    Since California has a lot of flat roofs, it would seem that this could
    work. But the state would have to issue all sorts of permits on the safety
    of these “farms” as we are an earthquake state. And the inspectors for
    building & safety would find all sorts of problems, I am sure to prevent
    those ‘farms’ from flourishing.?

  • Vlada Jano 5 years ago
  • Josh Parker 5 years ago

    Thanks for posting! This is great stuff!?

  • debbybolen 5 years ago
  • Jean Rutka 5 years ago

    How do we sign up for food? How much does it cost??

  • Mr.Kilbourne 5 years ago
  • Emmanuel Rousselle 5 years ago

    Food for thought :)?

  • Monnaies parisiennes 5 years ago
  • TEDxMontr 5 years ago

    Bon dimanche

  • DD Vasseur 5 years ago
  • Todd Jones 5 years ago

    What if our city’s network of rooftops was a patchwork of farms??

  • catherine hislop 5 years ago

    How rooftop farming will change how we eat: Mohamed Hage at TEDxUdeM?

  • Ulises Serio 5 years ago
  • eretzsus 5 years ago
  • Roy Vij 5 years ago