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When growing in recirculating active hydroponics systems you need to change out your nutrients frequently—but how do you know when it’s time to drain away your spent nutrients and start with a fresh batch? We explain everything in four minutes. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY 39 Pepper Aeroponic System EP. 3 PT 2 (Nutrient Change)Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponic SystemOrganic Nutrient Mixing 101 | Hydroponic Reservoir Management | Grow Room Tank Mixing OrganicsHydroponic – NFT systems basic run down (Nutrient Film Technique)How to Water Your Garden – Learn How Often, How Much, and When to Water Flowers and VegetablesSelf Optimising Automated Arduino based Nutrient Doser Hydroponics

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  • David Hall 1 year ago

    Great vid. I have an issue with changing out my reservoir. I built a home-made version of the Current Culture using ten 7 gallon buckets connected with 2' pvc. One of the 7 gallon buckets is used for the control. The rest are in a 3 x 3 pattern. I also have a 32 gallon Rubbermaid trash can that supplies the control bucket through a float valve. The 7 gallon buckets, filled with solution = 50 gallons and is constantly circulated. I have a water chiller that keeps it between 62 – 64 F. When I empty the system, I fill the 32 gallon trash can with 25 gallons of water for mixing a solution. The problem comes with the water temperature. After mixing, it can get as warm as 81 F. I am worried about my roots being shocked from the temperature change. I am thinking that I may raise the temperature on the water chiller to 68 F. And maybe freeze a couple gallons of water to drop in the 25 gallons of solution and hope the temperature drops enough. Any thoughts or tips?

  • End Game Liberty 1 year ago

    Thanks for the great video Everest! I'm finding out my ppm goes from 1200 for my pepper to 2200 ppm within 10 days. Would you suggest I change the nutrient solution out entirely or just top it with pure water? I'm using the kratky method.

  • Ryan Reding 1 year ago

    Can I have $500 to afford that Blue Lab Guardian Connect? Where do you get all of this money from? :(

  • JonEric Eubanks 1 year ago

    Hey awesome video, you should think about hooking up your pump to a water hose to reach your drain. Whenever you're not using the pump just bend the hose to stop it.

  • xlioilx 1 year ago

    dude buy a shop vac. Also if you own a 1000x microscope you can actually see when you should add H2o2 and when you're over mineralizing your rez.

  • OfficialOliver 1 year ago

    what about the salt build ups and gunk that builds up inside of the bucket which the plant is growing in. HOW DO YOU CLEAN OUT YOUR RES AND BUCKETS?

  • Thryfte 1 year ago

    Nice, but this is SUPER tedious and you're buying huge transported jugs of water.. I was checking out EURFE Project on YouTube and he has videos growing Watermelons in huge containers of water from his aquaponics system, just a trash can full of water and he tops it up once if it needs it throughout the season, so that leaves me to wonder, is what you're doing completely necessary? in a DWC system, you should theoretically be able to leave the water there for the entire grow. Exparimenting with this now, if I get any interesting results I'll post some vids.

  • How about when your plants are very small still, if it takes 2-3 weeks to top it off, should you wait that long to do a reservoir change anyway?

  • stephania loves 1 year ago

    really good video thanks

  • Pandarolla 1 year ago

    I'm not agree at this time. A 'pro' grower do not change water reservoir! Never! You can filter and 'clean' the solution with acqarium filter, UV lamps and Hydrogen Peroxide! People that grow hydroponics with 2.000 liter solution can not change that every 12 days! In this way it began a not sosteinable way to grow stuff. It's strange that 'just 4 growers', am amazing source of information, say to change water every 12 days. anyway thanks for this and all the other simple and nice video.

  • Jeremy Hand 1 year ago

    Hey Everest, Next question: How big res should I get? Could I get a big enough res just to not have to change the nutrient per grow?

  • Upload 1 year ago

    does it matter how much water is in the resovoir to start with?? I have a 4 gallon container . not sure how much to put in it.

  • Zildjian 1 year ago

    Hey Everest awesome and informative video!

    What are your thoughts on completely cleaning out an Ebb & Flow system between harvests? I'm running a TitanControls E&F setup like in your other videos and I'm finding a lot of conflicting information about how clean/sterile I should get it before my next round of plants go in. Is a diluted bleach solution an option or is that overkill? I'd really just like to ensure that anything that COULD be living in the system (tubing between buckets where I can't see especially) is dead and can be rinsed out.

    Thanks again!

  • Brandon Pillon 1 year ago

    Great Video!

  • Shiner Beard Gang 1 year ago

    Dude your AWESOME! Keep up the good work! I thoroughly enjoy your channel!

  • Tom Forrest 1 year ago

    Try bringing your outside hose all the way inside, wedge into the reservoir, go back outside and turn on the tap till it reaches the reservoir, undo the tap fitting and boom, syphon your water straight into the backyard :)

  • uncle jerry reviews 1 year ago

    Just do it grow the best I grew in walk in closet used tiub in bath to clean big deal don't be lazybones you are rich and growing vmercially. We are not into that it's hon and cost and U.S. gotta just usefully head and back every few days I would give 24 hr water wash them feed em

    You can be hydro or if us really want to work use dirt lots more work but better flavor Just get tag work that pays off

  • Daniel Witzel 1 year ago

    Any advice on DWC change outs? 

  • senns7 1 year ago

    Hi Everest. Great videos. My question is this. I thought your nutrient reservoir was the white 30 gallon you have on the left. What is the black reservoir that you're adding your nutrients to? Is it just for mixing your new nutrients to put into your white reservoir? Thanks!

  • Michael Damico 1 year ago

    Hey Everest- Great video as always! This video inspired my creativity… I fitted a valve and a hose-threaded spigot in-line between the rez-pump up to the main line for the drip system. Now when I have to do change outs, I turn the valve to stop the water flow into the drip line, and after attaching a garden hose to the spigot – turn on the pump – and it all comes rushing out to easily feed my fruit trees or quickly fill buckets to take to other plants. (Always recycle my used water). Thanks again for the ideas!