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  • Mick Tree 3 years ago

    ..Sign up for Phil’s gardening classes and ..and do get a soil test !!
    Here in Australia we pay for a soil test anything from $110-$400. In
    N-America you guys, start at $25,… so no excuses here. Healthy food is
    getting harder to come by.. and Phil’s classes are a good way of starling
    things right .?

  • mrhempoilsoldier 3 years ago

    phil i totally respect what you do and your good at it.
    what i have done for a long time is research on natural methods of killing
    i was part of a six member online team for nearly 5 years we documented
    peoples stories and there are so many who have decimated their cancers 100%
    destroyed all traces and back to a healthy life, all from foods juicing and
    assorted treatments.?

  • donHooligan 3 years ago

    1931 (i believe) otto warburg won the nobel prize for Proving that cancer
    can not live in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment. if you look up acid
    alkaline food chart, you’ll see that most of the foods we’re “supposed” to
    eat are acidifiers.
    pests were the first thing to show up in our garden, but their predators
    have been increasing, steadily.?

  • Pugs APO 3 years ago

    Ive been following your feed for a while and my organic garden is doing
    really great till gophers and voles got into the picture 🙁 any ideas on
    what I should do??

  • Growing Indoors 3 years ago

    Very good points. Never thought of the cancer analogy.?

  • frank salattif 3 years ago

    Cool vid thanks , any maintenance for saber tooth spider mites . I neem
    every two weeks and wash underside with water about every three days . They
    aren’t infested but always around . ?

  • ocnble 3 years ago

    where is Phil??

  • Fiona Wilkinson 3 years ago

    How do you treat slugs?