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John from answers the question: How much time does gardening take. He also talks about the litchi tomato plant. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow much and When to Water the Plants in your Vegetable GardenVEGGIE MANIA – Fall Vegetable Gardening in Florida – The Perfect TimeMy Top 12 Hacks to Save Time Vegetable Gardening7 Vegetable Garden Shortcuts: Gardening Tips to Save TimePeppers Harvest Time. True NO TILL Organic Vegetable Gardening with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 8Organic Backyard Vegetable Garden Tour – Summer Time

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  • Mike Benes 7 months ago

    I started growing strawberries, tomatoes, eggplant, banana mint, peppers on my tiny balcony in our tiny Tokyo apartment. My dream is to move to a place like you have and have a garden that can feed us (for the most part). For now, I'm growing just a tiny amount of food. I love you, maaaan! Thanks for making these videos. They're super motivating, encouraging, informative, useful, and a great joy to watch.

  • romeomax101 7 months ago

    How long would tomatoes take to grow?

  • Why Not Oils Young Living 7 months ago

    This spring we started our first successful garden. Had tried here for ten years, finally found methods that work. I just wanted to touch on two points you made. 1. How good it feels to garden. This year we lost two babies within nine months. Having the gardens to focus on with my husband and children helped us all through it. There were times I could not bring myself to do anything productive due to depression, but I always had my garden to play with. I recovered so much faster than other losses. It gave me physical work to do, and gave me healthy food to aid in my recovery.
    2. Paying for help. We will be planting 3/4 acre spring 2017. Huge I know, but we have eight children. We did the math and paying for someone to come help in the home, so I can garden, or even to pay someone to help garden 2-3 times a week, is still cheaper than us continuing to buy all our produce. $500/week produce from groceries plus gas and two hours to shop (we live out of town), compared to $100/week for a few hours help and improving all our health.
    Thanks for the videos .

  • FrostPlutarc 7 months ago

    Thanks to you & other Youtube members such as Praxxus55712. I came last year for info and was inspired. Last year, 1 Tomato, 5 corn, Beans. This year: Hailstone Radish, Garlic, Banana, Bell & Habanero Peppers, Cucumbers (killed one the others recovered 3 kind), Squash (nearly killed those as well), Red Russian Kale, Lettuce (3 kind), Basil (3 kind), Tomatoes (some failed, some did well 6 kind), Silver Queen corn, Pinto Beans, Marigold, Zinnia, Spearmint, Cilantro&Mexican Coriander. Thank you!

  • thomas rivera 7 months ago

    hey john i am 17 years old gonna be 18 in two days and i have just recently started a backyard garden one raised beed and then i have space in my yard for actual rows im growing tomatoes, onions, carrots, corn, jalapeno peppers, and zucchini šŸ™‚ thanks for all the help you have inspired me to try new things

  • Christopher Watanabe 7 months ago

    Hey John, Thanks for all your videos. You have inspired me to start my own backyard growing food. Keep up the good work.

  • af100984 7 months ago

    hey John, I am a teacher in Virginia and at the private school I teach at I started a new program. We built a greenhouse and 9 raised beds. Next year we will be finishing it but this year we build 7 plus an asparagus bed. That you for all you have done and thank you for the inspiration.

  • fandore12 7 months ago

    is it possible you can help me with some tips… i have been following some of your videos now and i have been at this myself for about four years…

  • Sonnie's Garden 7 months ago

    Thanks for your videos,you have been so much help.I started last spring with string beans, potatoes,tomatoes,and cantaloupe.The only thing that produced was my string beans because the squirrels kept digging my stuff up.I bought a green house and placed it on my back deck so hopefully that will help.This year I planted tomatoes,yellow squash,stringbeans, beets,watermelons,corn,blueberries,strawberries,grapes,cantaloupes and hot peppers in my greenhouse soo I will move everything to my backyard.

  • Cefus 7 months ago

    Thanks for the video John, I like seeing what you have been doing. I started gardening first, then found YouTube but it is great to see what others are doing. I've been encroaching the garden into the front yard every year more and more, but your front yard is awesome (and inspiring!) Keep up the good work.

  • The Dove's Nest 7 months ago

    I started with a 4×8 foot bed with about nine different crops. You've inspired me to build a second bed, and I've bumped up to 42 different kinds of crops. I've bought the seeds and pland on starting with them next year!

  • feralkevin 7 months ago

    After initially being excited about tree collards, I don't think they are a very good choice any more. They don't taste very good for one, not nearly as good as regular kale or collards, but okay I suppose, they don't grow particularly fast, and yes they are perennial, but I've had kale perennialize and not get so tall and gangly like tree collards do. Tree collards get so that they fall over, and they almost always have white flies and aphids or mildew diseases.

  • Zippypo 7 months ago

    John you motivated me to plant two different Heirloom tomato plants this year.
    Also have a bunch of Roma tomato's growing.
    Next year I will get the raised beds done. They are already built just need to add the irrigation and soil.

  • robinsonschooner 7 months ago

    Watched on a cold February day this winter. I am one of the people inspired by your videos.My daughter and I built ten 4'x16'x12" raised beds and planted dozens of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Now harvesting and have enjoyed every minute, thank you for inspiration and reminding me how much I believe in, love growing, eating fresh and the satisfaction it brings to both my daughter and myself.

  • mombo39 7 months ago

    Love your video..growing in raised beds and containers here in south central pa. Lettuce, spinach, strawberries,swiss chard, peas, broccoli, onions, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, popcorn, yellow and green squash, string beans, cucumbers, blueberries, black raspberries, grapes, apples and pears. Thanks for all your info and inspiration. You are right..we all need to plant something!

  • jamesdt02 7 months ago

    by the way, the last 3 week have been in the 100's with minimal relieve over here in maryland. luckily i havn't burnt out any plants, James.

  • jamesdt02 7 months ago

    hey there john. just wanted to say thanks for all the videos. they are so informative. until this spring i had never grown anything. i saw one of your vids and am so hooked on growing now. i have a 4×10, and a 6×10 raised bed along with an inground 4×10 plot. the in ground is to compare the quality of veg. in raised beds to inground. ive had success in both with different vegs. i have lost 25 lbs also since the spring eating more vegetables. so thankyou for the inspiration, James

  • AlabamaNOLAgardener 7 months ago

    As always nice garden John, i live in an apartment on the first floor. I tried growing some things in containers but they didn't do well b/c i don't get enough sunlight on the patio. But i'm so excited b/c i'm moving in a house in Aug. with a really big yard YIPPIE :-). I can start a winter garden my question for u is where did u purchase your tree collards? And how do u cook kale? I'm used to eating collard and mustard greens but never kale. Is it a similar taste?

  • godsspartin117 7 months ago

    Im going to go weed my garden right now. thanks John

  • michael stanger 7 months ago

    Blue berries,straw berries,garlic,carrots,onions,lettuce leaf,green peppers,jalapeƱo, potato,sweet peas, tomato,mustard greens,parsley, oh and grape