How much does a roof replacement cost in Colorado Springs? The answer depends on several factors and in this video we’ll discuss all of the variables which affects how much a new roof costs and, towards the end of the video, we’ll show you average re-roof costs for a few different areas around Colorado Springs.

The costs discussed in this video are for simple, average-sized roofs with good access for delivery and disposal. The variables discussed will either raise or lower your price from the average.

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Jump right to the sections you want to know about:
1:05 – the size of an average roof
2:00 – the out of pocket expenses for a homeowner if he’s using an insurance claim
The variables that affect the final cost:
2:55 – the home’s elevation
3:50 – is the roof high or steep
4:40 – is the roof simple or complex
5:25 – is the roof huge or tiny
6:00 – homeowner maintenance issues
7:36 – how accessible is your house
8:43 – homeowner upgrades
9:20 – making a buying decision base on price alone
10:53 – average roof costs

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How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

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  • gary5209

    Wow I’m getting my roof of 24 squares (2,400 sq Ft) shingled with 30 year architecture asphalt shingles for only 3,200 here in Waco, TX. Now that’s labor only, the materials ran me another 2,500.00. So total cost was only $5,700.00 this is my second time using this contractor and he does awesome work.

  • C O

    Thank you so much for this informative video and all your other content. My husband and I are recent first time homeowners and the inspector told us the roof was original to the house and would need to be replaced within the next few years. Learning all the information required before picking a contractor has felt like a Herculean task, so videos with direct answers like this are extremely helpful.

    Its too bad I live on the east coast, otherwise I would've loved to get an estimate from you guys. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Lino Mendoza

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