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How much do the minerals cost for a Mittleider garden

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  • Nigerian Farmer Nsidibe Udokpan

    Hello Smallblockfuelie,
    Please how many grow bed(s) of 18" X 30' or 4' X 30' grow box(s) will the 10oz micro-nutrient serve and for how long will it last?

  • ohhowhappygardener

    I've found that if you keep the Epsom salt separate and mix it when you need it will keep the mix dry. I mix mine up in a small bucket (about 1.5 or 2 gallon), takes about a cup of Epsom salt per 1.5 gallon of the rest of the ingredients for the weekly feed mix. The other solution was to add a little powdered lime to coat the mix to keep the salt from drawing water in.

  • DIY Life

    I did a soil test and it already has too much magnesium. Then it wouldn't make sense to add more? However my soil is short in potassium.

  • Tooshie G

    I appreciate your research and sharing your information. However, these numbers don't mean much to me unless I know the size area this will serve or how long it will last or $ per square foot or some other means of determining the cost of growing food using this. Perhaps if you could provide a means of judging the costs against my garden it would be helpful to subscribers. Tks for posting.

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