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  • Kanak Gandhi

    hey john, i am trying to grow peppers and tomatoes on my terrace using a hydroponic system, can you help me as to how much should i water them on a daily basis ?

  • Reggie Anglin

    I have sandy / black dirt that gets hard. when turned over is nice and soft until it get a little hard.What can I do to stop pooling of water after rain spell? the soil is not absorbing water that well.

  • WiserWatering

    Why is simulating rain necessary? The EPA and 50 states recommend drip-line irrigation which doesn't simulate rain. Everything I've read says, "water the root zone". My motto, "Water where it counts, water the root zone".

  • Joanne Davenport

    i put organic compost around my vegetable plnts. should i put some straw with goat poop around the plants too? my tomatoes are slow grwoing, i live in southern washington state.thanks

  • Garth Brooks

    I let my tap water sit out for days before giving it to plants but they get sick. I was told our tap water sits around 600 ppm. I gotta wonder what is in the tap water. maybe too much calcium? the pH is about 8.5.. and it takes a lot to lower it.

    rain water seems to make them healthy again. im wondering if reverse osmosis is good. anyone use it?

  • bicanoo_magic

    Actually dude.. most growers on UT advise NOT to use the rain method and are telling me that you need to water at the roots. ie. water from the bottom. So in a veritable bed such as yours they are coming up with all sorts of deep root watering techniques, as apparently watering from the top for only a few minutes produces shallow roots. (Not sure what the problem is with that). So I was doing what you are doing and it appears its not right!! Apparently watering the leaves creates a greater chance of disease and rot or some such thing. anyway drip feed seems to be the go I'm relay no expert and have no idea if this is just splitting hairs.. sorry if I come across as negative.. maybe you can 'edumacate' me!

  • joffa5555

    I got a waterstik today after getting 2 failed analogue moister testers.
    I cant see the LED blink in bright overcast weather during the day, I have to cover it with my hand to see it, also the instructions on the depth it should be for the type of plants is really iffy, so cannot recommend this to anyone ever, I'm going to get a better tester off ebay and get a refund for the waterstik. about $10 AUS

  • Chris Altamirano

    Dude your videos look and sound awesome but they are too long it will be my favorite channel if they were nice and short five min being longest

  • Joshua peluyera

    actually my mom and most of my family if from a country in the tropics with exotic plants and they water when the soil is dry and water gently for 10 second for every gallon of soil also provide good drainage. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • ZennLa13

    I definitely have a crush of John:) And I've passed these videos to my friends. Dont know why I havent started growing vegetables until now.

  • deepsouthlouisiana

    thanks John I learn alot from you I feel like you do know alot love to watch your videos thank you so much

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