John from goes on a field trip to New Jersey to share with a friend what he believe she should do to start growing food at her residence. In this episode John shares with you how he would start growing food if he lived in New Jersey aka the Garden State. In this episode you will learn:
The best place to place the garden
How to best protect the garden from animals
How to best make compost to enrich your garden
How to grow on a wooden deck
The best self-watering container garden to maximize food production
and so much more.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of how John would start an organic garden in New Jersey. This will help his friend, but may also give you ideas on how to start a vegetable garden or inspire you with some techniques that you can use to grow more food at home.

How I Would Grow a Vegetable Garden in the Northeast Gardening Consult

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  • joseph tucci

    Hey John I been a Big Fan Of yours. I have 7 total raised beds from 4x4x12 to 8x16x12 here in NJ my neighbor behind me also has two raised beds. next time your here in south jersey stop on by. this you can check out my facebook pictures under josephtucci from Fontana ca. Happy Gardening Bro?

  • Srd1126

    Interesting episode but I think you are far too worried about a neighbor using pesticides. Such a thing is not the end of the world. At most you would get a small amount of drift, and what was not washed off by when you clean your produce.

    I was in pest control for 7 years, too much of this nation is scaring itself to death.

  • b8bpattson

    In the Northeast, a good way to build up the soil is, in the fall lay down 8 inches of salt marsh hay (no weed seeds), and cover it with 6 inches of manure and then sow winter rye grass on top, and water in thoroughly. The winter rye will grow about 2 1/2 feet high before the freezing weather kills it the dead gras and roots will hold all the moisture in, so in effect you are composting in place. If you till in the spring you will have great soil.

  • Chris Fietzer

    I was thinking the same thing. Why doesn't John ever talk about about the RGGS? Been growing organically in it for several seasons and would never go back to any other system. John seriously needs to go visit Larry Hall and get him on this program!

  • eatmyface1234

    woot woot! go new jersey (my home state)!!! you should come back here again and make a video with the group i volunteer with; we are called mevo (mahwah environmental volunteers organization). we have a farm to live program and we get a lot of land donated to us for various farming projects. i been working with the honey bees all summer!!!! for real make a video with us! we love your videos!!!

  • 1paintist

    Just something funny. Right when you were saying about poison oak getting the kid, you were righttttttttttt in front of it! They really need to kill that stuff out! It wont go away on its own!

  • Jay Bee

    I am from NJ and I remember you saying you were going to be here.
    Also I build gardens and garden boxes PM me for pics of work.

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