Today we take a look at how I like to water my semi hydro orchids. As you will see it is very fast!
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First off, I am using osmosis water, meaning that I need to store it as it is produced. More on my osmosis system here

I use my fertilizers and possible additives in the jug store my osmosis water and from there it goes into my spray pump. I am now seriously thinking to get a much bigger one.. with wheels 😀 more on my spray pump bottle

Under my s/h pots I have some sort of humidity trays.. well that’s exactly what they are 😛 slash drainage trays. The excess water just flows there and then evaporates and gives off quite a nice humidity ratio in the air.

My routine will be perfected to fit me and my orchids better in the future, but for now this is my main orchid watering routine.
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How I water my Orchids in semi hydroponic pots

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  • Casey Brown

    Omg I need to do this and I need that watering tank!!! I got a hose for the sink but it builds to much pressure no matter how low I turn it, it will blast when I first spray, then dribble. Your tank is perfect! It just flows at the perfect rate!

    I don't have a ton of orchids, maybe 15, but I hate hauling them all to the bathtub every week to soak!

  • Elle Plow Plow

    I had that issue too of water spilling onto the floor when watering my plants on my shelf. I replaced the small humidity trays with larger trays that covered the whole surface of the shelf and placed rocks inside. So now I have a shelf sized humidity tray (actually 3 but it covers the whole shelf) that’s enough to catch all the water and I don’t have to clean up the floor anymore.

  • Trish V

    You said you're using a total of 80ppm fertilizer in your reverse osmosis water? And you're watering every 5 days. So if in my climate I only water every 7-10 days in the Spring, should I increase my fertilizer a little bit?

  • made thought

    Great video Dani ! I was wondering what is the solution conversion to 80ppm in ml ? Moreover how much fertilizer do I use for this small quantity ? I'm not a sciency person at all ! Lolol

  • Charlie B

    Hi Dani: Good morning! Very informative video. Thank you for doing this. I am planning to transition to semi-hydro. One quick question – The trays that you have did you put leca in them? I don't have access to seramis, but I do have leca. Do you think that if I put leca in the container and the tray it my transition would work?

  • حبيب المصطفى

    Well, i am not using vitamine b1 anymore, but i will do my reasearch as i'm curious to know if its useful or not

  • Scott Darcy

    Hi danni, I just recently started a SH experiment on 2 of my orchids. I'm having great difficulty finding pots that don't have drainage holes already in them, do you order yours online?

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