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I’ve used this system for years now I grow 40 to 60 heads a month of salad greens I this mix solution has given me my the best results. I use General Hydroponics Flora Series, Cal-Mag 2-0-0 – Botanicare and Epsom Salts 2017 ———————————————————————————- Cleaning Net Pots and Media – Hydroponics: ———————————————————————————- Planting Seeds in Rockwool for Hydroponic Growing: ———————————————————————————- Water Preparation – pH stable and chlorine removal before use in my hydroponic system ———————————————————————————- Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAshwin Sawant | Results of my Hydroponic Nutrients on Hydroponic FodderHow to Mix Hydroponic Nutrients – Masterblend & General Hydroponic Flora SeriesThe Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Your SystemChoosing Grow Lights and Hydroponics Starter Kits Plus Hydroponics Nutrients for Great Resultsmedical marijuana plants under 15 lights, mid flower, Best hydroponic nutrients EVER!9 Medical Marijuana Plants Flowering Under 15 LIGHTS!!! The Best hydroponic nutrients ever!

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  • explore outdoors 10 months ago

    Good video

  • Himanshu Sharma hydroponic or bina mitti ki kheti 10 months ago

    what s rate of flora series nutrient in india

  • Trevor Anderson 10 months ago

    How long is it taking you to grow a head of lettuce with this mix set-up? Also the lettuce you are using, how many days are they till maturity? Thanks

  • Mike Disher 10 months ago

    Can you use this for growing tomatoes

  • MORNING GARDENER'S SHOW. 10 months ago

    all man made maybe

  • cheap hydroponic 10 months ago

    Come check out my hydro videos

  • John T 10 months ago


    I've really enjoyed these series but have a question or two. First I don't see anything in the channel on once you're done with the seedlings and need to put them into netpots and in a tote with a solution. Could you discuss at what point you would do this in the growing process and since you use your nutrient solutions on various weeks how is that done. Is that in a tote or what?

  • Ponniah. K. Thasan 10 months ago

    I am brand new to Hydrophonics and My question is when I grow leafly vegitable like Lettuce (no flowering) Can I use only FLORAGRO without BLOOM & MICRO?
    And when I grow Vegitable like tomato and chilly at the begining when growing stage can I use only FLORAGRO without BLOOM & MICRO?
    My logic is at growing stage why should I use blooming fertilizer?
    Thank you for your clear reply to encourage me in Hydrophonics.
    Also If my water is in good PH level (PH 6) Can I avoid using MICRO?

    Thanks for your detailed reply. If you can, please give me links for me to read more on this topics.

  • Tahir Akıncı 10 months ago

    Hey +TheGrowGeek , I am getting a 4, 5 gallon bucket system with a 5 gallon reservoir. My question is, how do I manage the nutrient solution? Do I mix up the nutrients for the total amount of water in the system (4x5G+5G = 25 Gallon Approx)? It's a top fed recirculating system so I need the water level in each bucket to at least touch the roots of the plants (around 3G per bucket). 

  • MrTimothy855 10 months ago

    Does this work for all different plant types? We want to grow various vegetables indoors and we want to do it hydroponically. What about lighting? I'm still trying to get the seeds to germinate now. Once the seeds have germinated and are in the rock-wool, do I set the rock-wool in a bucket and let the nutrient water barely touch it? Is it okay if the rock-wool is continuously partially submerged in the water? I'm a beginner lol. Obviously. 

  • John Wichmann 10 months ago

    Hey there.  I am new to hydroponics.  I want to build out my backyard fairly big space, 10 x 40 with vertical hanging towers.  If all goes well I will have somewhere close to 2000 plants.  Mostly lettuce and herbs.  My question is how do you calculate how much water/nutrient you are going to need for the number of plants you want?

  • YoungYodaCZ 10 months ago

    Hey great vid again growgeek. I just mixed my nutrients just like you did in same ratio and everything. The problem is my ppm meter says i am on 435 now but there is little x 10 blinking bellow that number on display. I am kind of scared that i did something wrong. BTW after i reduced pH and dechlorinated water my ppm count was 149. Help me please growgeek 

  • Johan Berg 10 months ago

    Great video, I am just about to get started on Hydroponics and are trying to learn how it works so this question might just be too obvious to some: What do you do when moving to a new week in the chart that has a different mix of nutrients? You kind of worked around this by using the week 3 mix for all your growing weeks, which seem like a great idea. But what if you grow tomatoes for example that would need more weeks or if you really wanted to follow the chart as it is? So when you get to a week with a different mix do you flush the system or do you just apply the new mix to the water you add to the system during that week?

  • Kimdau Kieun 10 months ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you have to pay for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which can be pricey.

  • TheGrowGeek 10 months ago

    no time limit on the nutrients my system drinks the lot over 2 weeks then I just make a  new batch

  • TheGrowGeek 10 months ago

    Compost tea is good I use it outside but in Hydroponic system there is no way of balancing out the the nutrients or knowing whats in it.

  • Rim Joma 10 months ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which can be pricey.

  • Gr8Believer 10 months ago

    Why is it necessary to flush the system? Why can't you just add nutrients to the system?

  • Phima Bina 10 months ago

    The issue with hydroponics is that you need to shop for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which are costly.