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Equipment used: LECA (similar): General Hydroponics Nutrient Series: General Hydroponics pH testing kit: Syringes (similar to what I use now): Superthrive: Camera: Plant friends mentioned: Follow me on instagram! Not sponsored! Some are affiliate links that I make commission from but all opinions are my own. #semihydro #semihydroponics #leca Video Rating: / 5 In this video, we are going to enlist top crops and plant for hydroponics. We will discuss the benefits of growing some plants using hydroponics. Some of the most powerful plants that are grown using hydroponics are strawberries and spinach, To Find out more Please Watch Complete video. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit, 3 Layers 90 Plant Sites 10 PVC Pipes Hydroponics Growing System wi…MASSIVE AUTOFLOWER CANNABIS HYDROPONICS GROW – MUST SEE!!!Review Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System,Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit w/LED Grow Light,P…Youtube Plain 2 Grow Systems Intro Hydroponics Aeroponics Nutrient Film Easy InexpensiveHOW TO GROW HYDROPONICS, CANNABIS SETUP DAY 1 – WEEK 2Building a DIY Micro Grow Box Part 5 – Hydroponics (DWC).

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  • Kelly Russell 2 months ago

    What type of nutients (plant food) do you use?

  • VIDA LECA 2 months ago

    Very helpful! You’re gonna be the “planterina” for semi hydro

  • Cooking With Rez Cooking With Rez 2 months ago

    Where did you buy that size of a nursery pot?

  • Kid A 2 months ago

    My Ficus Audrey lost a few leaves when I transferred it to LECA. I’m so sad. It’s the first time I’ve had this issue. I hope it survives.

  • Hope Garrigan 2 months ago

    I saw in another video someone just using Super Thrive for their plants and not the nutrient series, is that okay to do?

  • Chrome Mami 2 months ago

    do you remember where that nursery pot is from?

  • samantha botelho 2 months ago

    where is the link for the drill bit used?

  • ennovyrose 2 months ago

    this video revives my dreams of having indoor plants. <3

  • Plants N Paws 2 months ago

    Where did that wall planter come from???

  • Carol Futch 2 months ago

    With semihydro, how do you know when to repot? Do you have a video on this? I'm new to your channel and I'm researching right now before i convert my plants over. Nice and informative video! Thanks!

  • Ruthu Tara 2 months ago

    Is there chances for the plants to be shocked because of the change of medium.

  • Christian Areli Monrroy 2 months ago

    Hi! Decided to give semi hydro because of your videos. Super informative!
    Quick question, do the roots need to touch the nutrient water?

  • A New Hope 2 months ago

    I feel like I just discovered the fountain of youth with semi hydro

  • Jean & Michele Bernier 2 months ago

    Pouvez vous faire un vidéo en français aussi,,, je comprend pas beaucoup. Desolé

  • Sitaraman Duvvuri 2 months ago

    Can we grow blueberries in hydroponics ?

  • Sarina Estk 2 months ago

    Can you share use if you must buy sand for the ground?