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? Thanks For watching! Don’t forget to Like , Share , and subscribe. ? T-SHIRTS ?***** Smoke & Vape Products used in video*****? DA VINCI ASCENT VARIABLE TEMP VAPORIZER: HERB GRINDER JOINT ROLLING MACHINE RAW ROLLING PAPERS & FILTER TIPS TIGER TORCH LIGHTER ?***** Grow Equipment *****? APOLLO GROW TENT 24x48x60 L.E.D. GROW LIGHT 300 WATTS CARBON FILTER & EXHAUST FAN CIRCULATION FAN – (CLIP ON STYLE) LIGHT HANGERS – (RATCHET ROPE STYLE) TIMER POWER OUTLET DRYING RACK EVA-DRY DEHUMIDIFIER EXTREME GARDENING MYKOS MAXICROP SEAWEED EXTRACT PIPETTE ?***** Books *****? MARIJUANA HORTICULTURE by Jorge Cervantez IMPROVING YOUR SOIL by Keith Reid MARIJUANA GARDEN SAVER by J.C. Stitch HM DIGITAL PPM METER OAKTON PH METER PH UP PH DOWN ?***** Social Media *****? INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Related PostsCannabis Garden Growing Marijuana Indoors – Grow Update – Mr. Grow ItVertical farming – motion plastic components help plants grow indoors!GROWING VEGETABLES INDOORS // Tomatoes and LED Grow Light ReviewSelf Watering Cannabis Grow with AutoPot – Easy / Affordable Hydroponic Growing Setup for MarijuanaUsing fish to grow medical marijuanaHydroponic System: How to Grow Succulents, Fruits & Herbs Indoors (With Amazing Updates)

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  • Lerrkin310 4 years ago

    Kool grow would have like to seen nutrients used woulda got a better out come in yield and in trichomes also in curing didn't see u hang or vacuum sealed in a freezer diggin the seaweed extract tho?

  • COB Grow Lights 4 years ago

    Noice grows bro. PM me if you got room for another tent. I'll set you up with one of my lights if you can do another video?

  • Chaz Shields 4 years ago

    A lot to take in. I'm gonna try it. Is an HPS 400k watt enough for 2 plants? Plus, do I actually need the fan, if it's going to be in a grow box? Do the pots have to be a certain size at first??

  • Adam Tailo 4 years ago

    You are a great at this man, and great how to video. Understood a lot. And thanks for the tools and manuals provided in description.?

  • around how much $ do you spend including equipment??

  • jenifer kopff 4 years ago

    hey , you might want to look in to have a uvb lighting to get more thc in your plants …?

  • Don Thompson 4 years ago

    thank you I need a pH meter and a ppm meter farm tiger bloom scares me.i have a cheap pH tester kit but I need a couple of tester thanx again?

  • Colby Lebron 4 years ago


  • retor hawkeyes 4 years ago

    well played my friend well played ^^?

  • Shantibaba Thrichome 4 years ago

    How big are those seedling pots??

  • ???? ???????? 4 years ago

    ??? ? ???? ?? ????????

  • Savapa Leferbro 4 years ago

    Can i come for an intership ??

  • Mr THOMSON 4 years ago

    why don't you keep a male with a bag over it to collect the pollen to mix with another female and make your own hybird??

  • Mr THOMSON 4 years ago

    what do you use for heating? the box is freezing with change to led and some leafs look like there rotting away like they do on clones there was 3 plants like this it couldn't be understood it was only only ones with led others they had looked fine any ideas??

  • Fabio Miguel 4 years ago

    What vape is that??

  • Fellow sound 4 years ago

    are there no smell outside the tent ??

  • hothmandon 4 years ago

    if it makes you feel any better I can't roll for shit either.?

  • hothmandon 4 years ago

    can't you just move the mails to another location? I mean don't they produce buds to??

  • Buds McGee 4 years ago

    Are both of these LEDs the same spectrum? It looks like the left side of the tent has a different hue…Great Video!?