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** Materials **
Frame: stainless steel sheet (from local metal store); aluminum L angle braces; sheet metal screws, bolts, washers (stainless steel), silicon (for water sealing)

Backing: PVC board (basically two layers of plastic with jagged connections), felt substrate (, stainless steel staples (long enough to go through the felt and pierce the PVC)

Irrigation: standard plastic gutter, black irrigation tubing, poly bulkhead union (to get tubing through gutter), drip emitters, various tubing parts/adapters, pump (I used Jebao WP-2000), filter (in-place adapter screwed into irrigation tubing out of pump)

Lights/timers: 40W PAR30 LED (from Super Bright LEDs), Hampton Bay 8ft track and sockets, timer (BN-LINK programmable timer)

Fertilizer: Maxsea 16-16-16 water soluble

Plants: Philodendron (xanadu, Burle Marx, cordatum), Anthurium (veitchii, clarinervium, standard), Monstera, ferns (birds nest, maidenhair, lemon button, Boston, Woodwardia, Phlebodium, Nephrolepis), Maranta, Peperomia, Pilea, Spathiphyllum, Begonia, Neoregilia, Tillandsia, goldfish, lipstick

Music: (“Piano Moment” by Benjamin Tissot)

How I built a rainforest in my living room. (DIY living plant wall)

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