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This is how I construct my DWC hydroponic system including a basic nutrient tutorial. I left it out in the video but do not forget to black out your reservoir. buy the air pump here: These are the nutrients I use: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemHydroponics growing system: How to build a homemade DIY Deep Water Culture or DWC growing systemHow to make a hydroponic water culture system from a coffee containerHydroponic Kits And Its Different Kinds – Water Culture, Aggregate System, AeroponicHow To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture System

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  • Urban Hydroponix 2 weeks ago

    I want to point out that since I have made this video I keep my pH more around 6.0 and I black out my containers to prevent light penetration

  • Mahboob Alam 2 weeks ago

    It’s not chemical free

  • James Munn 2 weeks ago


  • James Munn 2 weeks ago

    Cool how often do you change water

  • jay czar 2 weeks ago

    any facebook page, any course for sale on hydro marijuana grow, from bottom to top??? I'm interested in hydroponics but not sure how to start, what goes in the 'cups' etc

  • Jesse Quinonez 2 weeks ago

    hey wanted to let you know…very simple explanation and demonstration. these guys out here putting info on the net could learn a few things from you…no ego…no opinions…just steps and facts simplified. thank you. once I get the soil down good and master It I will be dabbling in hydro…the only questions I have is how do you start with the seed process…do you have to clone a plant in order to start a hydro grow?

  • Trin Na 2 weeks ago

    What air pump do you have? What size do you recommend for a 5gal gallion bucket. I want do to 6 buckets.

  • Colorado Wilson 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the video man

  • AngelaScene18 2 weeks ago

    Nice ice dye

  • Mr Mister 2 weeks ago

    How Do You Regulate Your Water Temperature?

  • Mr Mister 2 weeks ago

    Awsome VideoCan You Please Do More Videos On PPM & PH

  • nope not today 2 weeks ago

    Way more helpful than other channels

  • BD Beatz 2 weeks ago

    I go to my local sams club by their bakery/back stock area and ask the employees for the icing buckets. They always give me a bunch for free with lids too, just have to wash them out. Any bakery,deli, or grocery store should be able to give you some for free too