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How Do I Start a Small Vegetable Garden in Texas?. Part of the series: From Garden to Table. Starting a small vegetable garden is a great activity to undergo in the fall. Start a small vegetable garden in the fall with help from a social entrepreneur in this free video clip. Read more: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start an EASY vegetable garden! (Small Space Square Foot Garden)MY 1ST VEGETABLE GARDEN START TO FINISH: Progress, Successes, & Failures! | Becca BristowPlanting My First Vegetable Garden | Small Backyard GardeningVegetable Gardening : How Do I Start a Culinary Herb Garden?എളുപ്പത്തിൽ തുടങ്ങാം ഈ Vegetable Garden – How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Beginners in MalayalamHow to Start Seeds for a Vegetable Garden

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  • Latasha Mcmiller 4 years ago

    very helpful, thank you!

  • 4vinos 4 years ago

    Like the amendments you used for your raised garden. Mixing it did not look efficient. Perhaps getting on your knees and mixing it with your hands would have been better. I'm in the Dallas/Ft, worth and have four raised beds.

  • Andrew Davis 4 years ago

    the beds look nice. I'm East of Dallas and want to do a raised bed garden.

  • Thomas Luu 4 years ago

    What is the height, wide and length of the wooden board you used to form the box?

  • Gerry Garcia 4 years ago

    Thanks, love your comment about "we don't have rain in Texas."  lol    Just had 2 raised beds constructed almost waist height and will try eggplant and the beams for the Fall.  When do you plant a Fall garden…I'm also in SA.  Thanks again.

  • Devoy Williams 4 years ago

    Peat moss is no longer recommended, coir is more renewable.