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An informative Movie Maker product as a part of my gardening unit for Technology in Elementary Education at Western Michigan University. Video Rating: / 5 Video demonstrating the parts of a plant, how plants grow and what plants need in order to grow. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStory on how plant grows from seed – The Lonely Seed – EnglishFrom a Seed to a FlowerHow to grow papaya plant with seed Gardening Sekho in UrduGreen Roof Grows Environmental BenefitsGrowing Cucumbers from seed start to finish6 Week Volksgarden Test with Hydro Grow’s Vertical Light


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  • mim m 1 year ago

    thank u so so so much i needed the info for my science project called How do plants grow.

  • Anusha Chaudhary 1 year ago

    stupid video. a rajma bean doesn't grow into a sunflower. DO NOT TRY TO CONVEY WRONG INFORMATION TO THE KIDS. -_-

  • Janice Zeno 1 year ago

    It's so simple a child could understand…

  • Kathy Ellis 1 year ago

    nice my bro learned alot about plants

  • Nabila Alkhudary 1 year ago


  • Romel Tintin 1 year ago


  • #youtubegirl 1 year ago

    thanks helped me teach my sis

  • Great! Used this to teach my grade 4s!

  • 4EverMe Gamer 1 year ago

    Thanks. This helps me to right my essay for school.

  • matias mendoza 1 year ago
  • TheDiamondPearl 1 year ago

    i also have movie maker!

  • Samantha Cooke 1 year ago

    Thanks for the vid. My favorite seed to grow with my students and family, is the TickleMe Plant. This plant will actually close its leaves and lower its branches when tickled. You can search TickleMe Plant to see a live one in action and to get the greenhouse kit to grow your own.

  • Ricky Alonzo 1 year ago

    Great vid, just hope people don't plant pinto beans thinking you're going to get sun flowers

  • Alondra Arellano 1 year ago

    Nice my siblings learned a lot

  • Eric Sparks 1 year ago

    May I use this in my Sunday morning message? Please?

  • RoCKplayerX 1 year ago

    Komentujte ak ste tu s BESST :D

  • MultiSnapShott 1 year ago