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A quick guide on how a simple kratky passive hydroponic system works. Like the content? Then check out our book, The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis, at Want to support the channel and get early access to all our videos? Join our Patreon at: For a complete list and explanation of the products I used for my grows go to For a list of the seed banks I have experience with and recommend go to * All of our archived videos are on out website at and on our Facebook page and updates to the channel can be found at our Instagram page * Related PostsPlain 2 Grow System The Best Passive Hydroponic Version 4 FINAL Upgrade! Let’s Grow!How the vertical hydroponic system works.How to Make a Mini Kratky Hydroponic System for LettuceHydroponics Definition & How It Works – Kratky, NFT and others explainedHow to setup seedling in Hydroponic System (Kratky Method)How the Kratky Method of Hydroponics Works

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  • SoulSeeker 311 2 weeks ago

    Love the vids my guy keep it up you'll get the subs back love the education

  • Trentonandshante Ps4 2 weeks ago

    Keep up the work

  • Glebiys LA 2 weeks ago

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the video? How to keep roots white in hydroponic system? I always get root rot or Pythium on my roots. I airate the solution, use the chiller (68F solution), change solution every 5 days, keep everything clean. And still getting root rot all the time. What do you do to keep your roots white and healthy?

  • MentalGunz 2 weeks ago

    Your videos are super informative and interesting. Would love to try this one day