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Hey all! This week’s big box store plant haul tour part II is at ARMSTRONG GARDEN CENTER (Pasadena, CA)! I gotta say, what a pleasant experience and what a huge collection of plants! It’s unbelievable that this place is literally 3 minutes away from our apartment and we had no clue it was even there! We had a chat with one of the store employees there, and he told us about the city regulation, so they had to blend in with the rest of the residence. (But I was also too plant blind to notice any garden center before) Anyways, this place is insane and I love most of the prices I saw (some are a bit pricy compare to Walmart, HD, Lowe’s…) . So I ended up getting a Hoya Silver Pink for , a Sensitive Plant for and a planter for . Honestly, I don’t know why i didn’t get that Caladium. It was so freaking gorgeous. Alright, I guess I’m gonna go get it on Sunday before they are all gone. OMG, my plant FOMO is bad now. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it, and see you in my next video!

★Here are some tips on [How to Spot a Healthy Plant at the Big Box Store Garden Centers]
– Take in an overview of the entire plant department. Make sure the majority of the plants seem healthy and well cared for.
– Evaluate the condition of the specific plant in which you are thinking of purchasing. Are the leaves shiny and healthy? Are the leaves droopy and sad?
– Inspect both the plant and the container for signs of bugs. Common houseplant insects are : Common brown scale (Coccidae and Diaspididae families) Mealybugs (Pseudococcidae families) Aphids (Aphidoidea superfamily, Aphididae family) Common whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) Red spider mites (Tetranychus sp.) Fungus gnats (Bradysia sp.) Thrips (Order: Thysanoptera)
– Check the soil to test moisture. If it’s too wet, it may suffer from root rot.

Let me know what have you found in big box store nurseries and your plant haul experience!

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Trees are the most important aspects which helps us to survive in this world. Growing Plants is a good idea but the idea of terrace garden is an awesome one !

Using Plastic bottles foe growing vegetables is a quite creative idea !
Here in this video we are going to show you how to plant vegetable plants in bottles which will also look as a decor idea for terrace gardening !

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