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In this video, I show you my bedroom and all of my lovely plants I have in there at the moment! Monstera adansonii alocasia bambino, giant golden pothos, Raven zz, anthurium clarinervium, pothos marble queen, aglaonema silver bay, sansevieria moonshine, sansevieria Metallica, peace lily, syngonium trileaf, philodendron painted lady, variegated monstera albo variegata. I have a massive passion for plants! All of these plants are thriving in high- medium light! This room is east facing with two windows! The wall grid planters are from Homebase uk and are currently on sale around £18! Amazing product 10/10! Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsBamboo Wall Decor Idea | Diy Idea For Garden & Home // GREEN PLANTS2018 Instant Beautiful Interior Green Wall Design Idea By SUNWING Artificial PlantsButterfly Garden Theme Kid’s Room Tour! | Bella’s Bedroom on beingmommywithstyleLight Green Wall for Living Room ! Interior wall decoration ideasBedroom with Dark Green Walls

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  • PLANT PORN 9 months ago

    my twitter is @rossleegardener as for some reason it didn't show in the intro! anyways who's trying this idea?! its such a fun project and so inexpensive!

  • MrGreenBentley 9 months ago

    Wow Lee I knew you were into your plants a long time ago , But you ve excelled yourself,, really good, well done you, Its nice to see how much you ve learnt. Paul at Bramford Road Ipswich.

  • Marilyn Montes 9 months ago

    Great idea.

  • Marilyn Montes 9 months ago

    How do you get the leaves so shiny??

  • Dani Cantillo 9 months ago

    Hi 🙂 loved all the plants! How did you get them to grow far from the window? Tips for better lighting please!!! I want my room full with plants like yours!

  • Anna Mazzetta 9 months ago

    Omg I’m so jealous! Can I come live with you!??

  • Marie Dixon 9 months ago

    Love all your plants and empty pot and duvet lol where did you get the pot and duvet from ? Xx

  • Maike S 9 months ago

    hey I just found your channel and I think everything looks stunning and very tasteful! How do your houseplants go through the winter with the radiators on? It will be my first winter with tropical plants and I am kinda scared since I cannot have a humidifier….

  • Michael Cronk 9 months ago

    Great job love your African mask plants ever think of putting an indoor fish pond in your room that would look pretty cool

  • Jungle in a Box 9 months ago

    Great collection! I love the wire wall hanger/flower boxes. It will look amazing when they climb up!

  • Natalie Stewart 9 months ago

    Are you on Instagram?

  • Elle C 9 months ago

    This gives me so much inspiration for my own room! Thank you <3