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Wrapped up framing to get roof ready for sheathing. Help my channel by making Amazon purchases through this link: Or donate to support my channel: Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy the job Related PostsBuild Roof Grass House ( Using Mud & Grass)Green Roof Modern Bungalow Home/ Area: 50 sqm/ Casa house.Building Grass Roof Mud House and Fishes Tank For Red FishesThis Gardener Has Turned The Roof Of His Small House Into A Beautiful GardenGardening with children: How to make a living roof bird houseDIY Living Roof Dog House – Home & Family

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  • Arturo S 2 months ago

    When installing roof sheathing do u start from bottom or top?

  • Weaponized Memes 2 months ago

    Thank you for filming and discussing this. I am going to build a porch roof and want to tie it into the house roof this way.

  • T -DUB 2 months ago

    i just stumped across your video because I'm always curious and guess which house has build an addition and trying to hide it by using this technique which now i know its called a "tie in". my roof is quite low, and i want to tie in a car port with a flat roof. do u know how does one acquire ideas or skills to know how to tie in a roof the right ways. btw i've build my own shed and tare off and reroof my roof before and this is the first time i get to see up close how its done i'm surprised that its not required to cut off all the shingles where the tie in take place which make the job easier and i don't have to rush because weather.

  • Joshua Price 2 months ago

    Your awesome man keep up the good work. Ive been in the construction field over 15 years and mostly self taught. Why cant i ever work for someone like you who could teach me things i dont know!! Great work

  • J.Carloz C.Contreraz 2 months ago

    My friend great work your gun magazine works as well as our square

  • Josue Dominguez 2 months ago

    How did you do those long cuts for the valley??

  • techsupport laos 2 months ago

    nice video thank you I will try to do my patio roofing like this

  • WeKnowEDKH 2 months ago

    Your parents should be proud of what a nice, hardworking guy you are! You’re a good looking guy too.

  • David Siller 2 months ago

    you from philly?

  • Kelly White 2 months ago

    So you're telling me you can cut those angles on them rafters without being a math professor? There might be a chance for me.

  • tim jones 2 months ago

    i stumbled upon your video looking for roof framing tips, and i am amazed at how well you are doing with your project, i am twice your age and have been around construction my entire adult life and learned several things watching you, you are probably finished by now and you
    must be proud, if not you should be! thanks for the clear video and the great tips, they will help me for years to come, Tim