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As part of the first ever National Gardening Week, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) hosted ‘Horticulture: A Career to be Proud Of’ on Wednesday 18 April 2012. A recent RHS survey highlighted that the image of Horticultural careers need an urgent image makeover and government recognition. School careers advisors, students and colleges sat alongside MPs and renowned gardeners, including key-note speaker Alan Titchmarsh, to decide what should be done to promote the diversity of horticultural careers. More information at and Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJust Kids Career Day CateringBen Cecil, More Than Just a Job, Passion for Horticulture Can Lead to a CareerJust Kids Career Day Dr.TrippPetty Pool Vocational College: An Introduction to the Horticulture CourseCareer Advice on becoming a Senior Gardener by Jane T (Full Version)Online Horticulture Courses

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  • Greg C 1 week ago

    can someone help me please im really trying to get in to the horticulture and landscaping industry i have no qualifications i want to get on some kind of course and get in the industry but im 32 can someone help me ive been looking everywere but cant find any answers im from u.k near london btw if anone can help id appreciate greatly

  • John Bladykas 1 week ago

    What the sigma that England has for Horticuture.
    Learning 10,000 plants in both botanical and common and there requirements is not that easy.
    Reasons why you plant plants is knowledge.
    Being a master Gardner , taking class's and passing exams is not a easy

  • Chavy Gardener 1 week ago

    I think I'm that grumpy old Gardener! Lol

  • ArcadeMAD 1 week ago

    who gives a toss if people think horticulture is a second choice job ?

  • Brian Horan 1 week ago

    So how can I get involved? I'm 21, love nature but don't have any experience or knowledge about plants but I think it's an awesome career. How do I begin, and what could I do that doesn't involve necessarily "landscape" but more like just growing and taking care of plants to sell them and stuff like that?

  • jonny boy 1 week ago

    I am a horticulture student and employed worker within a wholesale nursery.
    I am going to graduate my cert 3 and diploma in horticulture.
    I am proud of all people who are successful with this as a career and study graduate I am so happy for you all.
    I am so going to graduate as well 🙂

  • Avi - 1 week ago

    Started my first horticulture job last year after a series of bad jobs — was under the impression that working was an unfortunate but necessary part of life until I started working at a nursery. Absolutely fell in love with caring for the plants and helping people find what they need for their gardens. I'm just so happy to have found something that makes me happy, and that going to work is something to look forward to. Maybe I won't make much money, but I know this is the career path for me. It's just something I'll never grow tired of & something I'll always be learning more about.

  • akshay a 1 week ago

    I'm horticultural UG STUDENT intrested to to do ms in US…currently I'm in 3 yr ….can tell me public universities to be select. ….which trews best….

  • Interstellar EU 1 week ago

    I love horticulture, I'm 17 years old and I currently study level two practical work based horticulture and I also have a gardening apprenticeship. one problem though my college course does not get funding so keeping it running is a difficult for my college.

  • Judith Bush 1 week ago

    Not all students rise to Alan's Peters Sarah and others fame and fortune Horticulture is very badly paid I fortunately only garden for passion not career