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The Hort Americas Hydroponic Organic fertilizer is currently Terra Genesis ( Additional information on Terra Bella can be found here: OMRI approved Terra Genesis is a revolutionary product, that can completely replace your conventional hydroponic fertilizer program. Terra Genesis was developed for Recirculating NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) crops such as lettuce, basil and other leafy greens and herbs. After further testing and success, Terra Genesis quickly proved itself to be an adequate hydroponic nutrient for nearly all crops without any additives. Terra Genesis goes through our FIVE stage fermenting process goes above and beyond other products by incorporating molasses with other all natural plant extracts. This process packs Terra Genesis with essential macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, amino acids (such as Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid), as well as an array of vitamins that builds a full spectrum your plants desire. Using Terra Genesis that there is little need to stack with a Calcium/Magnesium product or Calcium Nitrate. This is because Terra Genesis inherently has over 0.5% of calcium along with Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Sulfur and other important electrolytes, amino acids, and vitamins. If you are not concerned with staying completely organic Terra Genesis can be used in conjunction with Calcium Nitrate and MKP (Mono-Potassium Phosphate). Related PostsVertical Farming Cart from Hort AmericasFailed Again – Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer ExperimentOrganic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment Nov 2013Hydroponics and Soil Gardeners: Make liquid fertilizer from kitchen discards and weeds. Go organic!Organic hydroponics growing chard, duckweed & lettuce. Using DIY liquid fertilizerOrganic Fertilizer and NPK what it is and how to calculate it

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  • Jason Reyes 7 months ago

    would you want to let the water sit before you add the molasses? I may try growing without a filter for my herb garden (basil microgreens cilantro etc). in the past when I grew different "herbs" I always used filtered water. I wonder if the chlorine will adversely affect the molasses

  • Avi Wellner 7 months ago

    AquaBella organics solution