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  • Me & My Little Smartypants 6 months ago

    I love how excited he is about his project. He's very well spoken. Fantastic job!

  • Fizzy Drink 6 months ago

    You're fucking everything up mi hermana! ;D

  • Mama Cloud 6 months ago

    I love all of your plants. I want to garden with you ;_;

  • Mama Cloud 6 months ago

    you can make lavender tea 😀

  • Mama Cloud 6 months ago

    "winter" XD

  • Stardust Ancient 6 months ago

    is it weird being in a place where there is no christmas in winter?

  • Robert Roser 6 months ago

    Great start to your garden. I like to cover the soil with mulch it smothers weeds, prevents the soil from drying out and keeps the soil cool. If you like watching videos there are a lot of old episode of gardening Australia on you tube. some episodes might inspire you or to do something differently.