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We decided to grow some spaghetti squash,and what better but grow them on a homemade trellis!!! You u guys enjoy our video. Video Rating: / 5 How to grow squash and other ground vine plants upright in a cage. Wire fence cage system for containing gangly fruit and vegetable vines and maximise the yield in small space gardens. Related PostsCattle Panel Trellis For My Spaghetti SquashHOW WE GROW SQUASH ON A TRELLISGrowing Winter Squash Vertically on a Nylon String Trellis along the Backyark FenceTraining Squash & Cucumbers On Trellis Small Space Grow VerticalGROWING WINTER SQUASH UP A TRELLIS UPDATE 5-24-2012Squash in trellis for more fruits

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  • Judith Pyle 1 year ago

    Since butternut squash are so heavy do they do OK on trellises/cages?

  • Judith Pyle 1 year ago

    I love the idea of the use of your wire fencing. I am going to do that. It should also make it easier to look for squash eggs, larva and the adult bugs. FYI. The female part of the plant that you put the pollen on is the stigma which sits on top of the rounded pistil from which the fruit develops. I teach my student to use the "sticky stigma to help remember and the stamen is part of the male that has the pollen on top. Memory tool for that is stamen has “men” in it.

  • democolor42 1 year ago

    very healthy plants, just beauty to watch. Where one can get such cages? in which stores? thank you for excellent video

  • Roger McCoy SR 1 year ago

    Beautiful Healthy Garden. You probably get less disease with them being vertical. Thanks for the show and tell. God bless, :)

  • Chrystal Greene 1 year ago

    What size is the base of the cage ? Thank you !

  • Gin Fonte 1 year ago

    Wow! Great garden! I don't see any drip hoses. How do you water? Thanks.

  • Failure Engineer 1 year ago

    Wow, video quality sucked in the olden days.

  • alfonso silada 1 year ago

    its good for only few or small farm,but if you have at least 500 heads of squash its very labor intensive.

  • Snow Bear 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing this video. Very informative. You have a very nice garden :-)

  • Jo Carpenter 1 year ago

    Is it OK to trim off the many side runners that develop?

  • Anonymity Alias 1 year ago

    very cool video thank you for sharing :)

  • Sam Power 1 year ago

    Cool vid cheers :-)

  • suzanna fernandez 1 year ago

    Nice!!! looks super, thanks for the training video. I'm going do it,

  • Patricia Jones 1 year ago

    Good vid thank you 

  • LadyShiva16 1 year ago

    Hey thanks for the great video. I really want to try squash this way next time! And, I'm on Vancouver Island. So maybe I'll get some good results too!

  • Susann Rudberg 1 year ago

    How may squash plants do you grow in each cage? Great video anyways, thanks!

  • Susan Bomzer 1 year ago

    Thanks for your very clear and simple video. I have started butternut squash indoors and they are ready to plant outside..I'm using your method tomorrow !..great info on pollinating also !

  • alphasxsignal 1 year ago

    Where are your bee's

  • tootz1950 1 year ago

    To fertilize the female flower just break off the male flower and rub his stamen on the female's.  Easier, quick, and one male can fertilize several females.  Keep the brush for painting.

  • Jamilah Garcia 1 year ago

    hey we've gt a Santa Cruz here too, trinidad and tobago