Added by on 2015-10-05 One Year Later… “Moving from the City to the Country” Homemade Self Water Container Raised Garden using a Water Catchment System with a Rain Barrel: Here’s an idea for constructing an Self Watering Container System for Plants using water from a rain barrel that catches rain water. This is being used for a strawberry patch and some blackberry starts. Red Wiggler Worms are added to do a worm composting bin in conjunction with the growing plants. Music Credits: Banana Moonshine by Dan O’Conner Music by Thanks for watching 🙂 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Gardening FOREVER 'Make Routine EASY' Container Gardening Harvest Watering Growing CookingSelf Watering System for Plants Using Plastic Bottle | Auto Watering Vertical Garden//GREEN PLANTSHow to Grow Vegetables in Containers // Container Gardening // Self Sufficient Sunday!iRSE Indoor Garden Kit, Hydroponics LED Growing System, 2 Self Watering Gardening PotsRain barrel bee watering station Plant ChicagoDIY Self-Watering Container using a 55 gal Barrel! Garden Tower Style!

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  • lineflyer1 5 years ago

    Nice video. I grew some huge hydro lettuce on my channel. Keep up the good work?

  • MayorHerbs84 5 years ago

    love the idea. these kids crack me up! y'all keep up the good work.?

  • shakaama 5 years ago

    that is so clever.?

  • Working Analytics 5 years ago

    I hope you don't grow edibles in the tires?

  • Chun Yi Chow 5 years ago

    The kids are cute … but I don't find the system is really self-watering ??

  • Julia Lu Q 5 years ago

    You are a really cool family! God bless you.?

  • Britt Pereira 5 years ago

    really cool thanks?

  • Hungry Mermaids 5 years ago

    you guys are adorableeeee, subscribed!?

  • Chris Neglia 5 years ago

    You guys should build a large covered cistern out of EPDM instead of messing with rain barrels, then do solar circulating hydroponic, aquaponics and solar water heating, through something like black silicone tubing used for autos or corrugated stainless steel tubing inside a matte black window box.?

  • Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming 5 years ago

    I Love your video!! Check out my organic aquaponics channel please you'll love it . I'm currently growing cucumbers, grapes, peppers, lettuce, kale, passionfruit just to name a few 🙂

    Please like and subscribe!!?

  • Guess you dont have a slug problem in the desert.?

  • Matthew Macon 5 years ago

    Root rot. Need to dry the roots out on occasion. Try aquaponics.?

  • Gardening Tips With Phil 5 years ago

    This a really innovative idea, I like it.?

  • goo757 5 years ago

    lol your son lol is a redneck lol xD?

  • sisufa 5 years ago

    Thank you very much guys, you just gave me answers to my questions :o) thanks alot for sharing. All the best?

  • Nerfern 5 years ago

    This is fucking gay.?

  • Dylan Harding 5 years ago

    Holla! Have you thought about Skavel Mushroom Growing For Newbies (google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my auntie enjoyed great results with it.?

  • terre tulsiak 5 years ago

    Have you considered aquaponics? Amazing results and uses almost no additional water- or fertilizer. There is a lot of free info for different ways to set up and the basics on line. I bet your crew would enjoy it.There are fewer weeds and best of all- less bending,?