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Homemade Hydroponics how to pump water from air pump. diy system showing water pumping action made from an aquarium pump. Diy hydroponic technique for fast growth. Build your own high performance hydroponic grow bucket. for more info: Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHYDROPONICS HOME MADE SETUP NUTRIENT WATER WITH AIR PUMPHydroponics growing system: How to build a homemade DIY Deep Water Culture or DWC growing systemHomemade DWC Hydroponics System – DIY Deep Water Culture How-toHomemade hydroponics – How to make a deep water culture (DWC) systemHydroponics Water Pump (EcoPlus, Flexible and Convertible Horizontal to Vertical)

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  • slowpoke692 1 year ago

    Do you work in the oil and gas industry bye any chance? LOL Looks like a siphon string for dewatering gas wells.

  • Gordon Dewar 1 year ago

    A misleading title to say the least.

  • nick0sav 1 year ago

    Looks fine. But why it is better to use AIR pump to pump WATER? Aquarium water pumps usualy used as filter pumps are of the same availability. Another words: what advantage did overcome the KISS principle in this case?

  • John Lucero 1 year ago

    if you take a 11/2 pvc pipe cut it about 6 inches long and split it about 8 times about 2 inches it will slip inside the neck of the bottle and you have an open tube to run your tubes and feed your fish. also i built a slightly modified pressure chamber for my double line air pump and can circulate the water roughly once every 20 minutes, cut like yours I estimate almost 4 gallons. around 72 times a day verses what just an airline alone can do.

  • Jason Herek 1 year ago

    none of your site links work

  • Jamu Vuivu 1 year ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is that you have to shop for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are high-priced.

  • Travis Sevier 1 year ago

    Very cool demo Tip. I am planning to use this same concept to make a small waterfall around the perimeter of a fire pit. What exactly is going on with the box. I see that the air is pressurizing the inside of the orange box and forcing the water up so I assume that means it must have an opening to allow water back in? Do I need a one way value? or am I missing the idea a little bit?

  • Mark Markovic (Turbo Man) 1 year ago

    You'll get far more water if you use an air stone instead of the big bubbles that comes out of the end of the air tube. This method for lifting water has been used for many years to filter aquariums.

  • albertomaui 1 year ago

    the sprayer has to be on top of the pump level!!

  • Tip Krimont 1 year ago

    Hi Bonita If you go to here There are 2 links that say click here on that page. There is no charge and it will guide you easily through building your own grow bucket. Then you can make your own variations. Thank You for your interest. Let me know if you got the download. Take care Tip

  • BONITA X 1 year ago

    Tip, I am sorry. I guess, I am not as Youtube clever as everyone else. But, I went to an area that says browse channels, but I believe I was in the wrong area. Please give me a little more information to get where I need to be.

  • Tip Krimont 1 year ago

    Hi Bonita Yes I offer Free plans on how to build your own high performance grow bucket that is powered by a small Aquarium air pump. You can make this hybrid system for about $20 but You will learn how to make your own custom systems from the Free PDF e-book. Go to my channel and click on the Free plans in the header panel. Let me know if You have any problems. Thank You for the interest in Air powered hydroponic gardening videos.

  • BONITA X 1 year ago

    Do you by chance offer a written step by step tutorial of the Homemade Hydroponics How To Pump Water From Air?

  • D Rower 1 year ago

    Thanks, Sorry not to post in your DWC-ish vid, I should have, but got caught up in your others to look at some of the things you're up to since the DWC video had a poor angle. Well done, very tailored great working systems. Diaphrams always rupture for me whenever I push cheap AP's and it's always more efficient changing energy form only once. I would use an Archimedes screw and then compare to yours. My "T" comment only an option to best control air injection %, in the tube…but agree w/you.

  • Tip Krimont 1 year ago

    Part 4
    To see many different ways to pump water using air look at this video I made 2 years ago. I show many different air powered water pumps that are simple to make and totally custom.
    Thank You for interacting with me I appreciate any interest You may have.

  • Tip Krimont 1 year ago

    Part 3 That pumps the water ever higher and into yet another grow pot filter to be repeated
    We have many more plants involved using this method than a static only system. TOutputs from air powered water pumps can be used in several different hydroponic growing techniques. Drip, Aweoponic, NFT, & Ebb & flow. With DWC the roots have to be in the reservoir so you are limited.The easiest way to pump water with air isn't a T fitting, but a single tubing with a hole in it. NO Moving Parts. 

  • Tip Krimont 1 year ago

    Part 2 The outputs can be hooked in several ways. A drip manifold can be added and power 8 drip lines. That means 8 plants from the first level. As the water rises higher in the first stage the 2nd output leaves and can irrigate a container or two on the way back to the reservoir / pond.
    Now use the 2nd output on the same small Aquarium pump and put the pump head into the first stage. The water will be cleaner as the particles settle to the bottom.

  • Tip Krimont 1 year ago

    Tom, You are talking about DWC and the air stone is fine for static but what I am doing is different. I have to answer in two posts because there isn't enough room for it all..
    I use a single air pump to power multiple grow containers, filters. I made a greenhouse. and dug a small pond into the a living nutrient solution with fish living in there. The air pumps aerate the water for the fish and at the very same time water is forced up and out of the tube and into a bio filter.

  • D Rower 1 year ago

    You get some extra punch from the splashing, for the quick pumping, but consider for example one bubble 50 times the volume of 50 small ones. The little ones are about 4X the area exposed and when the little bubbles get to the surface much more slowly increasing time for exchange … the mini pops &persisting bubbles at the surface give that an added punch to the airstone. The jury is still out on powerheads vs. airstones so to be sure we'd just need an oxygen ppm probe to best do this.

  • D Rower 1 year ago

    Thanks Tip and really, this idea you demo so well has some specific utility if you need it, IMO if you have the need for an insignificantly minor drip which isn't worth an extra 5 watt mini submersible $12 water pump and an external air hose doesn't raise the temperature if you are already running warm … above 65F. Agree that air is transferred while 'pumping', just not likely not as efficiently. Also can stick an airline "T" on the outlet of the submersible … though also less efficient …