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A simple hydroponic cloner that can be built by just about anyone. This little cloner will get the job done just like to big expensive ones but at a fraction of the price. Don’t let people tell you hydroponics is “expensive” or “complicated” because it isn’t. Use a cloner like this to turn one plant into many in half the time it would take to start one from seed. Related PostsHomemade Aeroponic ClonerTHE BEST CHEAPEST HYDROPONIC CLONER SYSTEM AVAILBLE EXCELLENT FOR CUTTINGS AND CLONESHomemade vertical (A-Frame) hydroponic system Facebook vertical A Frame) hydroponic system Facebook https www facebook com greenerwaysHomemade Hydroponic System from Reused Plastic BottleHow To Build Cheap Homemade Indoor Hydroponic Systems Plans

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  • Phyllis M. Wood 1 year ago

    If you use the drill spinning in reverse your holes will be neater

  • iBlowDankuBlowMe IBLOWDANKUBLOWME 1 year ago

    qhat size is the hole

  • Andrew Bobbin 1 year ago

    there should be a drill bit in the centre of that hole saw… that why it was running away from you

  • Owen Williams 1 year ago

    great video! Look into "grow grips". There were made from a kickstarter an youtuber put together. I haven't tried them yet, but they seem like they would work better than the neoprene ones.

  • Jeff Henderson 1 year ago

    So happy to see a new video! I've enjoyed all the ones in the past. Please keep it up :)

  • Samy Ismael 1 year ago

    I reflect same sentiment as Jimmy. Use the drill in reverse when cutting into plastics and foam. 

  • Brock Hughes 1 year ago

    I used the foam pad from a chair bro it's nice and squeeze :)

  • Robert Glosson 1 year ago

    How long do you leave the cuttings under the dome? Do you  use a heating mat to control the temp of the cloners water?  Very nice video!

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 1 year ago

    Good to see you back Matthew ! Hows the new house ?

  • damian33dc 1 year ago

    Finally your back good to hear your voice it's good to see you're still at it and I hope you don't forget about us…:-)

    Anybody watching this video I highly recommend you see his other videos they're just a wealth of knowledge and ideas..

    Damian 🙂 

  • Jim S 1 year ago

    Good to see you back. Looking forward to more videos. :)

  • Jimmy Hickey 1 year ago

    when drilling through plastic have the drill spinning counter clockwise. It will melt the plastic instead of cutting it, much smoother and effective.

  • Vladimir Pandovski 1 year ago

    Welcome back. Cheers from Macedonia.

  • Dean Winchester 1 year ago

    wb. I was just thinking the other day I hope you'll be settled in to your new house and able to do a new season this year.