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My first of several aeroponic rails that I’m making for my 30 pepper plants. Feel free to ask any questions and Thanks for Watching. Please subscribe!!! Related Posts39 Pepper Aeroponic Rail System- Basic OverviewDIY Aeroponic Rail SystemHomemade Hydroponics System | Deep Water Culture | Carolina Reaper Grow #6 | Hot Peppers | LED GrowDYI Aeroponic System: Concord Grape, Roses, Peppers and More! (9/26/13)DIY Homemade Aeroponic Medical Marijuana Grow SystemDIY Homemade Aeroponic Medical Marijuana Grow System 2016

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  • crysty6140 1 month ago

    The Aerogarden is the best way to grow herbs>>>  . My wife and I were in search of something small that would allow us to grow herbs year round that doesn't draw too much power; this is that product.

  • john smith 1 month ago

    I haven't seen this video in several years and I'm just now getting how the spray tubes would be more efficient and a lot easier than installing internal spray lines. No inside pvc lines has to be providing quite a bit more room for root air. Please do more videos

  • Heavy D Silva 1 month ago

    I've always thought combinging the types of systems is great.

  • Bruno E. Santos 1 month ago

    Would you post a list of items used?  Thank you!

  • Lit' AHSr. 1 month ago

    I hear ya am try to figure out all that stuff to do it myself lol

  • Ray Boley 1 month ago

    where did you get your sprinkler head

  • JAMAL LIVINGSTON 1 month ago

    one of the Smartest and cleanest set ups online ! Stellar…!

  • Rusty shackleford 1 month ago

    love your videos and ideas . also a fat hose maybe 3/4 inch with holes or sprinklers. also some nutes can clog hoses.

  • Rusty shackleford 1 month ago

    but a great idea !!!

  • Rusty shackleford 1 month ago

    another fact is… chemicals . now chemicals braking down and mixing with plastic that maybe porous . good set up .. but 600$ for real area is the cost of safer martial.

  • Hydroponic City 1 month ago

    aeroponics works better where the rails are standing vertical. only one 360 mister on the top, nutrients drain down and wet all the roots. vertically you will also achieve 4× the amount of plants utilizing the 4 sides of the rail. which pretty much stamps out the space problem. only difference is 45° angles has to be added to each hole so netcups don't fall out. little extra work but works great.

  • Alex Morales 1 month ago

    first of all great informative videos. just a quick question on this rail. do you think this rail system could be used as a krakty method system? hope you have any advise and again keep up The great work on the videos.

  • alphasxsignal 1 month ago


  • justgivemethetruth 1 month ago

    This is very impressive, and nice of you for posting and making it accessible, since as you say the commercial versions are like hundreds of dollars.  This is the best system in terms of being understandable, accessible and "tweakable".   I think this is what I have been looking for as a grow system.  I've been looking all over, and this just makes  too much sense.  Do you have a parts list or construction diagram.  I think you could write one up and sell it on the Amazon Kindle for a few bucks and maybe make some money.  Thanks very much, I'm subscribing and would love to see more, and also know more about where you got the idea and others who are into working on and refining this.  This system is a nice piece or engineering and very user friendly.

  • Olen Soifer 1 month ago

    There's one problem with growing a dozen types of peppers next to each other…and that is that you chance getting hybrids. You can't keep the pollen from getting from one variety to another.

  • nikonmother 1 month ago

    you need to join Facebook page Rain Gutter Grow System….RGGS 

  • Lucian11 1 month ago

    i would like to know the step by step of how you put them togther i live in az. and have a verry small place to grow veggies and hurbs so i am looking for some way to grow them thank you

  • Captain Tim 1 month ago

    great job, you put lots of thought into this, but, to complicated and to many parts, to many things to go wrong. I like the Kratky method, I am experimenting with different nutrient solutions now, I hope to go commercial in 2 years.

  • Faizal Rejab 1 month ago

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  • Anthony Reyes 1 month ago

    what did you use as a sealer on the end caps i know they are not snug fit .what sealer did you use?