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Wind Power, Wind Turbine Blades, Home Wind Turbines: The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power Transcript: Home Wimd Turbines Pros And Cons Wind power homes are an option, along with solar power, for those who want an environmentally safe source of electricity that’s independent from local utility companies. The technology used in wind power homes has advanced enough that people in some parts of the United States can now use wind power to meet most or even all of their electricity needs. This, of course, not only supports a healthy environment, but can also reduce monthly utility bills – or even eliminate them. But wind power is not a perfect answer for everyone. Here are some facts about wind turbines you need to evaluate if you’re thinking about using wind to power your home. Facts About Wind Turbines You have to know if there’s enough wind in your location to make a wind powered home work. This means doing some homework about how often – and how strongly – the wind blows in your geographical area. You also have to consider wind speed and strength at the height of your wind turbine. Keep in mind that wind speeds on the ground are not the same as they might be at the height of your turbine tower. Often, there are obstructions at ground level like trees, buildings and other homes. You’ll have to do some research get this right. You also have to consider what type of device you want to use to capture the wind. There are various types of windmills, and one may be better suited to your situation than another. Efficiency of Wind Turbines Basically, windmills are divided into two groups: vertical axis windmills and horizontal axis windmills. Vertical axis windmills resemble the type you often […]

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  • Chrissy Mickelson 4 years ago

    An INPLIX is a place where you can learn how to make it yourself much cheaper.

  • Kanisha Holmquist 4 years ago

    great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks :)

  • closertothetruth 4 years ago

    good advice, you need good winds in your area for good power output , some turbines perform better than others, solar is better in most cases

  • Darcie Snidowschneider 4 years ago

    IF you want to make it by yourself just go to InpliX page.

  • Polaraco Hobby 4 years ago

    For a person who spends all his time in New York City, what makes you an authority on the subject? To start with, as said, they are wind generators. Not Wind Mills. Kinda shoots your credibility in the foot to start. There's lots of variables in wind generators. You didn't talk about them.

  • Medieval jedi 4 years ago

    It's not a windmill they are wind turbines windmill's are for milling grans wind turbines create electricity

  • tipssavingfamilyroom 4 years ago

    thank you for sharing this Pros and cons of wind turbine, now I have to consider this before buying… 

  • candy sweet 4 years ago

    just another government regulated form of info so ya don't bother goin off grid…it's not in their best interest if we didn't need them..

  • Gimp Geek 4 years ago

    Wasn't there a law passed that HOA's could not dictate type, height or placement of any Green Energy device… IE… Solar Panels, Wind Turbine.  I'm pretty sure I heard there was a law passed a year or two ago, but it may be only in Indiana.  However, I will find out and advocate our representatives to pull this type of bill into the hands of the representatives to decide, not some HOE, which is probably ran by people outside the neighborhood.