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This is one week after I transferred my plants out of soil to my newly build deep water culture hydroponics system. They are 27 gallon containers, but I dont fill them up all the way. I only fill till the water level is one inch above my net pots. thats about 18 gallons. My pump is 70 liters per minute, its way over kill for only 60 gallons of water but I bought a big one because I plan on expanding. I have one 18″ air stone in each super box. I will make an update video every one to two weeks. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share! thanks! Related Posts$25 DIY Hydroponics 5 Gallon Bucket Deep Water CultureOutdoor IBC aeroponic, Aquaponic, vertical tower, floating deep water culture garden all organic DIYHydroponics growing system: How to build a homemade DIY Deep Water Culture or DWC growing systemHow to build recirculating deep water culture hydroponic bucket system how to grow hydroponic foodDeep water culture hydroponics video 1Homemade DWC Hydroponics System – DIY Deep Water Culture How-to

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  • ina yah 4 months ago

    I have spent months studying aquaponics and discovered a great website at Keiths Ponics Site (google it if you are interested)

  • PDawggy Dawg 4 months ago

    Are those totes made of food grade plastic?

  • Shakaama 4 months ago

    dude make more of these sir.

  • Shakaama 4 months ago

    5 inch pots are required for heavier plants?

  • p3tr0l 4 months ago

    +Troy Knipper DWC = Deep Water Culture. That kind of system doesn't use re-circulation. The roots grow into the solution and are aerated via the submerged air stone. These absolutely are DWC systems. 

    You can absolutely move a plant from soil to hydro, there will be stress involved so it can be a crap shoot, but plant health is also affected by air temp, water temp, nutrient type, etc. 

  • Troy Knipper 4 months ago

    This is not dwc so you all know! Nothing is recirculating and that's why your strawberry a are not doing good . Your other plants are really hardy , they can grow in any condition . Just so you all know, PLANYS DO NOT GO UNDER STRESS FROM SOIL TO WATER! This guy doesn't know what he's talking about at all . He hasn't even said anything about ph and nutes.

  • David Edlund 4 months ago

    Grow similar plants together. If you don't, then they will compete and the losers will die.

  • BrightGreenThumb 4 months ago

    search flat top tote by Centrex plastics on Google and you will find it. It won't work well with anything but two inch net pots because the top is uneven.

  • BrightGreenThumb 4 months ago

    I have the same tote as you. Does it bother you that the net cups are unable to to sit completely flush? seems like a way mosquitoes, bugs or light can enter your reservoir.

  • Baum Olive J. 4 months ago

    Thanks for your movie.
    I also have the comprehensive step-by-step training video directions on how to build your very own homemade Aquaponic system. Its so easy that even your grandma can do it!
    Look into the following website to learn more:

  • Michael Mardis 4 months ago

    I live in central Alabama. I have tried growing basil in an outdoor dwc, all died, I want to try again, would you please share what type of nutrients you use

  • I'm Simon 4 months ago

    I like those containers!

  • I'm Simon 4 months ago

    Yup! In West Central Florida the temp's in May can hit a 100 (in the sun) unless the water is stored in the ground or cooled in some other fashion, hydroponics becomes very difficult to do. I switched over to "Earth Buckets" and traditional soil containers (waste baskets- tall and thin, 5 gallon buckets, 4 gallon buckets, and Rubbermade totes)… I will try the hydroponics again in the fall…

  • collectorbob810 4 months ago

    how much clay pebbles did you use?

  • kama kazi 4 months ago

    nice thick conyainers. good job on garden!

  • tasuki 4 months ago

    I built something similar, but scrapped it when I filled with water. The tote started to deform pretty bad. Did you have same problem? I switched to 5 gal food safe buckets with 4 sites/bucket instead of 6. Should I be concerned about type of plastic?

  • Wilhelm Inc. 4 months ago

    i'm new to hydroponic but my question how ofton do you change the water out ?

  • webreaver01 4 months ago


    may I know if you need to check the pH level of your water before you transfer the seedlings to those boxes?

    I tried to transfer my tomato seedlings from the net pots to the box, and they all died.

  • Brian Girnus 4 months ago

    are you monitoring your ph? cuz i think the average ph of rain water is between 6 and 6.5, could be a lil too alkaline for strawberries

  • jmg1041 4 months ago

    what size air pump are you using to supply o2?