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  • Kamu Noat 4 years ago

    I presume that anyone who used to try making their own project by simply following do-it-yourself directions, at least once, had to face the disheartening time when the outcome always was much worse than expected.

  • Alan Reizner 4 years ago

    Do those remain in that blue tote start to finish, or do you eventually spread them out more? Also, can you suggest a US seed bank (NOT UK). Now that I'm sold on the Autos, I'm ready to shop. By the way, looks great. Peace.

  • Char C 4 years ago

    Hi i need one but whar does it all come with?

  • Prenumerera Mig fattar du? FATTARU??BACKARÅÅ 4 years ago

    Do you need to refill the water when its under the hydroponics pots?, how many times a week do you need to refill water?

  • Josh Wilson 4 years ago

    What kind of person promoting a website doesn't put the link in the description????

  • eric suminski 4 years ago

    hey man how much for the kit and to get is shipped can only have up to 7 plants with my med card so would only need that many 

  • SuperGrowPlants 4 years ago

    if your a dumbass asking me to ship and sell seeds i will block you period. i dont want them to make revenue? are you stupid WTF are you talking about.

  • milo lewis 4 years ago

    im lookin at these other comments look like you dont want nobody else to make no revenue . Are you replying and doing buisness forreall or are you just teasing folks wit deze videos

  • SuperGrowPlants 4 years ago

    organic nutrients contained brown shit guano. thats what you see.

  • SuperGrowPlants 4 years ago

    blocked for life.

  • erica c 4 years ago

    i want a plant and some seeds to email me at so we can do buisness

  • masterblue90034 4 years ago

    Can u pm the price of the system like that

  • SuperGrowPlants 4 years ago

    no i didnt

  • patrick webb 4 years ago

    looks like u had root rot on one of those homie

  • player52 4 years ago

    hes using a rubbermaid container and hes prob got a DWC style kit inside the container and hes using hydroton as his grow medium

  • cody N 4 years ago

    hey dude can you make me one

  • sdbanks6 4 years ago

    Wassup I would like a kit and some seeds if u can hit me asap

  • nikigola24 4 years ago

    How can I get bud on my plants an make the plants bigger I am growing from seeds can u help me???

  • RoneshaLNash 4 years ago

    If your plants been growing in soil or som type of shtthe medical shop puts them in can u take them out of it an transfer it into the system an how do you do it??

  • Treeky Galvan 4 years ago

    what kind of ball thing there in your net pots??
    Please send me a message Thanks.